First symptoms of Fibromyalgia

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Jan 16, 2013
I know that fibro can present itself in many different ways. Symptoms tend to vary from person to person. What were the symptoms of the onset of your disease?

I was a pretty active guy, and I started getting a lot of joint pain. Like all my joints were on fire. I chalked it up to getting older. Then I developed pain in my legs, knees, back, neck and in my right hand that just would not go away. Thus began my long journey

What started yours?
Pain, constant pain to the point that I thought I was dying, or had cancer throughout my body, or something. I was also very tired, taking sick days more often than my employer, family or friends thought was normal (which it's true, not normal). Then, you're so tired all the time you start losing focus on yourself, things around you, I couldn't concentrate and manage my day to day activities. Until I got a handle on things, and what was going on, my life was slowly becoming more unmanageable :(

Finding an answer was my first step to dealing with it; I still don't like to use the word "recovery" because it never really feels like that.
My sister didn't have any pain at first but she was always tired and it got progressively worse. By the time it started to hurt she was also having joint problems from laying down so much, up to 15 hours a day. There are ways to improve your situation and it's important to learn what those are, reading the experiences of others on this forum is a great start!
I am not a FIBRO patient, but I am a medical student. From what I have seen in hospitals, over 75% of all FIBRO patients first consult a general physician and complain about sever joint pains especially in the lower or the posterior part of the body.

Another group, mostly comes to us, complaining about a feeling a tiredness and gradually, a laxative/lethargic feeling. This is what I have observed and it would be interesting to know if anyone of you first detected this by having symptoms other than that I have already mentioned.
My godfather first symptoms were lower back and legs pain, and it would never go away.
I started experiencing muscle spasms or tightness in my legs, lower body cramps, fatigue, general stiffness when I woke up, IBS, and other abdominal issues.

At first I thought maybe it was just the start of a cold/flu but when the symptoms didn't go away I realized it was something else.
A good point of difference is, no one has yet reported pain on the upper part of the body as a symptom.
A friend who has this condition started feeling that he has fibro because of recurring and persistent pains.
My mom began feeling tired more often than not. She also had pain that she could not explain. It seems pain is one of the leading beginning symptoms, at least from what I have read and heard. My mom also had depressed feelings, but she thought that was simply depression because it runs in the family.
A friend of mine has been diagnosed with fibro...she began becoming extremely fatigued and eventually the lower half of her body started aching like crazy.
My first symptoms were weakness and fatique. Then came the symptoms that seemed more like MS, with speech problems and severe muscle spasms, and seizures. I got joked at by neurologists and emergency room doctors, and it was no wonder that I developed depression over it, and that did not help family relations one bit. Then along with all of the above I had stiffness in my joints and back pain, and the list goes on after that which made working almost impossible. I had to give up working all together, as when the mental confusion set in I had trouble completing even the most simple tasks.
For me it was all in the lower parts at first. At seven years old I always had pains in my legs to be told it was growing pains.
The pain never really went away, I just became accustomed to it and just dealt with it as being normal.
In teenage years I had minor pains in my back but the doctor at the time didn't feel the need to investigate further.
By the time I was in my mid to late twenties my legs we're getting worse again, mostly the knees and my lower back would play up more and more.
X -rays we're inconclusive
in the last five years of moving to Canada I have had my back X-ray again and an mri to find I have a bit of a disc problem but they are of the opinion that it's not the cause of my leg pain.
Now I have pain in my upper body
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