First thought on diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

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Jan 31, 2013
I would like to know how did you or somebody else feel when they or you was first diagnosed with it.
think for most people, I know for me, it was a sense of relief. A bit like "I knew I had something, I knew I wasn't crazy".

It might sound dramatic, but that's how I felt.

How did the person you care for feel? Ever ask them?
They always say to me that they do not know what is going to happen next like there is no tomorrow. After a while, most of us tend to not ask because we already feel what they feel before their told what they have.
I was first diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome which required surgery on both hands. While being off work waiting for surgery I noticed that not only did my hands hurt but also both arms, shoulders, back and legs. I started having 'fibro fog' or what I call mental slowness. I was first diagnosed by my family doctor and then it was confirmed by a neurologist. My legs felt at first like lead weights.
When I was first diagnosised, about 15 years ago, doctors really did not believe in their own diagnosis. I was told I was depressed and it was caused because I may have had a fight with my husband. I was crazy and had a great imagination. Boy, your good at making things up or I never heard anyone say that before. Ya, I got depressed cause no one really believed me. Then in 2000, I was re-diagnosised. How I felt about it was your question. At first I thought it was a catch-all noncommittal diagnosis just to get rid of me. The doctor was not really a believer himself and my other doctor's thought it was MS. Plus, when family thinks your just lazy it is hard to wrap your brain around fibromyalgia. But finally I came to terms with it and accepted the diagnosis.
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