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Feb 4, 2013
I was reading an article yesterday about how the fluoride in our water supplies could be a reason for Fibromyalgia. It brought up some interesting points about fluoride that it was put in our water to help prevent tooth decay, but at the same time on our toothpaste tubes it clearly states that if swallowed to contact the poison control center right away cause the sodium fluoride is poisenous.
Then the article went on to say if fluoride is so dangerous in swallowing that small amount we use brushing our teeth, then how can it be safe in our water which we drink up to 8 glasses a day.
Also it mentioned some scientists are now rethinking the whole idea of using fluoride in products, as well as, in the drinking water supplies because of the health problems and risks now coming out.
They mentioned younger children having dental fluorosis and weaking bones, plus impairment of mental states, as in I.Q. and dementia in older folks. What caught my eye was the arthritic symptoms and chronic fatique, immune system and gastrointestinal problems, which we have with Fibromylgia. If there is anything we all might have in common it would be we all drink water and we all brush our teeth and this topic seems like something we might want to discuss here. So what do you think? Is this something we should really consider or is it just hype?
The debate on fluoride in general has been a long one. Leading scientific research suggests flouride only prevents cavities in the small doses found in our drinking water, however, I've heard Europe doesn't allow it, yet here in North America, it's rampant.

Who do you believe?
Well I am not sure what to believe anymore. It always seems there is something we have used for years and now out of the blue it is dangerous or poisonous. But I do worry about added chemicals and medications, that are in the water supply. It's like the stories we heard years ago about three-eyed fish. They even make jokes about fish with three-eyes in cartoons and shows on tv. Then along came the movie, which was suppose to be true about Erin Brockovich, played by Julia Roberts, about the small town that had a really bad chemical in the water and the water company knew all about it and even told the people it was good for them. So you know when something as simple as not swallowing your toothpaste comes along it makes ya think maybe there is something to this story. But until someone who knows about it speaks up we are kind of in the dark about the truth. Even a couple years ago eggs were very bad to eat, now some researcher comes along and debunks the whole thing. Maybe the lesson here is we just need to use our brains more and decide who to believe, but honestly when I was young I do not remember any warnings about swallowing toothpaste, do you?
I have been thinking along the same lines concerning fluoride and also genetically modified foods. It's crazy when you start looking at some of this stuff. There's a significant jump in cancer cases, dementia as you mentioned as well as Fibro, CFS ect. But then again the human race is evolving so perhaps we are simply having trouble with the changes lol. 5 years ago I had never heard of Fibromyalgia, and now it seems to be everywhere. I live in a small rural town and there are at least 4 of us here.
Thanks for your comments, I will go read the article link you provided. I have only lately started doing more reading on this subject. A friend of mine owns a health food store and has been talking about this problem, as well as, other health concerns. At first it seemed not that big of a deal but the more reading I do, the more it makes me wonder who is telling the truth? I guess the best thing we can do is make wise choices and hope for the best. Anyways, I went back and got the link so you can read the article and decide for yourself and share your opinions about it here.

Fluoride is Found in Your Drinking Water I hope this helps. I drink fresh spring water when I can get out to get it but the weather is too cold now. It is hard when the snow is deep and the roads are ice. Anyways, I want to hear what your thoughts are about the article.
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