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Jun 17, 2015
First post here.. I searched and found a bit of info, but I'd like to get some recent feedback from others on their experiences. Background info.. symptoms have been present since age 15, about ten years ago, but nobody believed me since all the tests came back neg for 'real' diseases. I finally got a rheumatologist that believed me and feels confident diagnosing, although we did the obligatory rounds of blood tests and xrays first. I generally have fatigue, joint and muscle pain, and headaches.

The eye docs have said it's eye strain from computer use, but a new glasses script and various types of eye drops haven't helped. How common are your headaches? Mine are intense and daily, often triggered by computer use but sometimes it comes and goes. I can start the day with a headache and randomly it goes away for an hour or two before coming back. Not a sharp pain, lots of dull ache and pressure stuff going on.

The next is nausea. I got it when I went on birth control, and I thought that was the cause. I went back off after three months, and the nausea stayed with me. After about four months of that I was told I was Vitamin D deficient and supplemented, which helped a bit. I had periods of a week or two at a time with no nausea. I admit that I haven't continued to supplement now that the weather improved and I'm outside frequently. I'm going to start that back up, and start an elimination diet for gluten and dairy. I'm nauseous almost daily, and have thrown up more this year than the last ten years combined. Could this be more than VitD issues? The supplements didn't wipe it out completely, so I tend to think it's fibro related as well. Has anyone had success with eliminating it by changing diet? I'm starting today and not terribly excited by all of the restrictions.
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