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Jun 1, 2013
I can't find employment that I feel that I can do with all this pain and brain fog....what do you do to pay the bills.....
Staying employed with fibro is so hard because each day is a struggle and one never knows if they will feel good each day or be totally out of it. So I understand where your coming from. I had my own housecleaning service and had to give it all up because of fibro. So now I get by doing surveys and clicking ads, writing on blogs and writing short stories, and selling my used books and dvd movies. I help out family members when I can and try to live the best I can on a very low budget. If you read my blog entries for day 7, you might get some extra ideas for jobs.

Anyways, I hope you take time to read the topic's throughout the forum and answer other folks questions. There are many good ideas for coping with fibro, and dealing with the tough symptoms. Hope you find lots of new friends on the forum. :)
If I knew I could qualify for disability, I'd apply, but I work part time outside of the home, while school is in session, and work online during the summer months. I ghost blog and write articles during the summer months.
I just wanted to say that I have chimed in to your entries and you are a REALLY amazing and strong woman! I appreciate your advice and your compassion... and the dedication you have to helping others... Your story broke my heart but you are a warrior and a fighter! Good for you!This is WHY I joined the forum....... people like you :)) HUGS
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