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Mar 17, 2015
New Brunswick
I am sitting at work in pain like any other day and tired. I went for my 6 week check up since starting Gapapentin up to 1200 mg a day now but I told him I was still in pain in one area each day so guess what he up the dosage now when I am finished I will be up to 2700mg a day does that seem like alot plus still taking advil and stuff in between on bad days. I am just tired working and dealing with alot my son also has some health issues so most times his comes first and just get through the day. Today is not a good day just pray each day that god will guide me and hopefully this pain will go away someday and that we find a cure to get rid of of it as it is frustrating when it takes you forever to do something. Sorry for venting just having a really bad day and in alot of pain but managed to come to work today and sit here but it hurts.

Has anyone else been taking Gabapentin as I as find on the 1200 a day but find now that I am uping the dosage I am in worse pain and my doctor is out of the country for who knows how long. Hate feeling tired all the time I started eating a little healthy and going to start little walks each day if I can maybe if I lose the weight the pain may be a little easier to manage.

Anyone have any health tips for helping them with pain and fatigue?

Just feeling frustrated with this whole thing today and tired of taking medication that makes me feel worse. :(

Well I pray that we all have the stregth to get through this and that we someday have a pain free day.
I've never taken the drug you mention. The FM hit me at 61, the tailend of my worklife...but things were not that horrible for me for years. I've done only supps for FM and ibuprofen and pain rx herbal for pain....made sure my thyroid FINALLY got the support it needed, I believe, for many years and I could not get help.

Grape seed extract has been in my life for going on 20 yrs later this year...I know it has helped me a lot.

For me, the worst NOW, is a mess from a hip replacement TRAUMA in we all have our issues. And I am challenged with bodywide OA.

MSM powder three times per day in clean water helps pain.

I'd post what I work with supplement wise, but only if you would like to see what I use....
Hello and welcome to the forum. I take that medication, dose 300mg/5 per day. But I also use Excedrin Migraine, with it every morning which helps believe it or not with my hip and leg, and back pain. I have used Gabapentin for over 25 years, however, if it is not working for you a change might be in order. If your doctor is out of the country you might consider seeing another doctor until your doctor returns. Even a family doctor could give you something else to try.

The medication can cause sleepiness and weight gain. But it also will work well with other medications. You might want to read the section topic's on alternative methods, as well as, chronic pain and fatigue. The members have shared a lot about what has worked for them and what has not. At least it will give you some ideas on what to ask for and also ideas on natural methods and things you can try at home to improve your life.

We always say pace yourself when you can and don't over do on the good days. Relax with bubble baths or warm showers. watch funny movies for laughing is good for you. Spend time enjoying family and friends. take nature walks and notice the flowers and birds. As relaxation will do wonders for relieving stress and anxiety, and depression.

Come here and vent and share with us. We are always here to have a shoulder to cry on or lean on, and we try to listen and provide helpful coping skills. I look forward to reading your posts. :)
I tried Gabapentin. My rheumatologist started me at 300mg/day and I ended up at 1200/day after slowly upping the dose for 3 weeks. It wasn't working, so we moved on to Lyrica. I just started it and hope to God it helps. If not, there are other options, like anti-depressants.
Thank you all for your kind words and listening to me the other day was just having a bad day. The Gabapentin is working a little he has up the dosage so I am going to give it a try for another month and see what happens. This damp weather is not helping anything but taking it slow.

Realmaryz I have tried Lyrica and I had side effects with that and made my pain worse so I had to stop taking it. I hope it helps you as they say it is a good medication if you can take it.

I have started taking little walks and not over doing it but have to work have to pay the bills and take care of my 11 year old son who has more health issues than he needs at this time in his life. Today is an ok day and thank you for all for listening. I don't get on here as much as I would lke to as I work and then home and tired and my arms and fingers hurt by the end of the day from typing so much :)

Well I know God will get me through this and will find what works best for me. First thing is losing some of this weight I have that should help and not letting this run my lfe like it has the past few years before I knew what was wrong with me.

God Bless each one of year that we wll find pain relief and have good days ahead :)
KD hello again!

im hoping i can help you understand the gabby you are taking.

the gabby is not a pain med. so you should not think of it as aspirin or morphine.

at a time i too thought it was just that. i was up to 3600 mg a day. the law says only 2700 mg a day.
i had cut back to 1800 mg a day now.

it is a nerve blocker. it blocks some of the messages that the muscles send to the brain, to send pain/knives/burning to that area.
It does not block all of the messages. so you will still have pain no matter how much you take.

what you should see is less nerve/knives in your pain places.
i count the knives each day and document it in my log book.
i know the gabby is working now and thats why im getting the dose down.

if you are having pains you should be on a pain med and muscle relaxer.

if your going to 2700 mg the max, than you are not seeing less knives/nerve pains per your log book.
If you have tried lyrica and gabapentin then you only have cmybalta and stevilla not sure its called that.
Like me you have run out of choices. you can only have the heavy pain meds now.

if you are having pain then get a pain mgt doctor. Not a GP that works on colds and flu. morphine is a pain med that helps me some.

get to the doctor that is handling your doctors clients while he is out of town.
or get to your ruhmy or neurologist and ask for pain meds or a referral to pain mgt doctor. get to a doctor. you have no need to suffer any longer.

Read the side effect of the gabby. at max you could go into seizures. you dont want that. or lose your eye site.
ask the pharmacist about the gabby so you can learn how to tell if your meds are working for you.

get some help and look for less knives/nerves burning with the gabby.

i hope i helped you understand what you are taking.

your doctor should have explained this to you when you started it.

My doctor explained it to me, but i was on a max dose of clenosapam and i could not understand him nor hold my head up.
i got off of that med and im much better now. still have the anxiety/panic attacks.

im seeing more and more folks coming here saying a nerve blocker is not working or its helping with anxiety or other things it will not help with at all.

seams most folks have no idea to speak to the pharmacist when they pick up pills. please get yourself informed on all your meds and know what to look for. document it so you know if its working or not working.

i hope you get relief soon!

Thanks for the heads up on the medication I am taking I did start a higher does but now I am back to just taking 1200 mg a day until I see my doctor next month as I was rushed to the hospital last week with bad chest pains turned out to be a bad muscle spasma but unsure until I talk to him it was not my heart which was good. I am back on my feet but took alot out of me. I just hate being in pain all the time each day but I keep going I have a family to take care of and I will be around to see my son grow up and be something. We are going through health issues with him as well so it is hard to balance sometimes but we manage.
I was diagnosed with fibro last year. I was given gabapentin for migraines four years prior small dosage. After being diagnosed my rheumatologist upped it. I take 600 mg 4 times a day. I have seen a small relief from it. And I will take even small relief at this point.
Cme...I can't agree with you more! That's all good info. BLESS YOUR HEART!
Thank you everyone for your input on gabapentin. I am still taking it 1200mg a day plus have a strong pain killer to help on the days it really flares up when the weather is bad which seems to be alot these day here where I am at. I have started walking a little not much becasue by the end of it my legs are sore in the back. There is still not a good day yet but I keep going for my family I have prayed and just said to myself I will not let this ruin my life I will keep going and hopefully someday they will have answers for everyone that suffers from this.

The pain in my hip is the worse and it won't let up I go back to my neurologist in September I just seen him so we will see what happens after being on this new pain pill for awhile only allowed 10 a month though don't know the name forget it at the moment when I get it again I will let you know.

Everyone stay strong and my prayers are with all in hopes that someday we all have a pain free day :)
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