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Sep 8, 2014
So as you all know my hearing before the judge is this Thursday and I am getting really nervous. He will be looking for any little thing he can find to deny me benefits and I am afraid I am going to say or do something that will be the one little thing he is looking for and he will deny my case.

Like I said I am nervous but I have made peace with myself. I have researched the matter and found that I have one of two options. I can file an appeal and wait another year for a decision which I am not going to do because only 2% of people get approved on appeal and the only way I could win is if they find that the judge made an error while reviewing my case. No judge is going to admit he made an error. I might get a different judge, I might not. My other option is to file a new claim. If I do that they are not going to look at my PAST medical records they are only going to look at my FUTURE medical records. So that means I would have to create a whole new paper trail. I do have a 33% chance that I will win if I file a new claim but I spoke with my local SSD department and was told that if I file a new claim I will lose all of my back pay that I have accrued to this point.

This has been two and a half years of my life spent fighting, running around, jumping through hoops trying to do everything that is asked of me by Social Security. No more fighting, I am done.

So win lose or draw I am going to walk out of the courthouse on Thursday knowing that this chapter of my life is over and I can put it behind me and move on.
Any word from your attorney Krista...did you manage to get to speak to him or get a reply to your emails?
Nope, and he still hasn't called my witness. I don't know what he is waiting for. Maybe he will talk to her the day of my hearing. I have left messages with the receptionist at his office to have either him or his paralegal call me but I haven't been called back. I would go to his office but he lives 90 miles from here.
Nearly there now Krista...only one more day of waiting! Your attorney seems typically laid back. No you definitely cant drive 90 miles..its very rude of the company and his paralegal to leave you dangling.

I will be thinking of you on Thursday. You can do no more now. I'm sure you wont do anything wrong. The whole case cant hinge on one sentence or answer. I do understand how you must be going over and over possible questions and trying to memorize or practice answers.

I dont blame you not going for an appeal or filing a NEW claim. Gosh its bad enough in the UK and getting harder and harder with reconsiderations then appeals but your system does sound even tougher length of time wise.

Seems crazy you would have to start a new claim with no reference to past medical history!
Good Luck Krista!
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