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Aug 18, 2014
I've been labelled with fibro, I am 47 yr old male and I react to everything. Even tap water if I drink it too fast, toothpaste, fabric softeners, dryer sheets. I'm gluten, dairy, sugar, additive, msg, aspartame free, I cook from scratch and love to cook and preach healthy eating, I make my family crazy with my remarks on the poison they ingest LOL
Anyhow, I still feel like crap, not total crap but still crappy. I talked to a nutrionalist who said I may be getting gluten somewhere. Where? Toothpaste? Fabric Softener? Dryer sheets, packaged almonds or cashews? What about cat food, or the dog food, gluten in the air? Decaf coffee?
Gluten foods like pasta or bread causes cravings, back pain, arthritis pains, foggy brain worsens, coordination gets whacked lethargic as hell, headaches, nausea. Dairy, it's instant fatigue, salicylates it's dizziness, I can eat white peeled potatoes, not red ones or I will be hungry all day no matter how much I eat, same goes for onions, honey makes me vomit, if it isn't the dry heaves.
Aspartame, oh boy, that or MSG or soy, which 90% soy products contain MSG really messes me up, over 150 symptoms.
I can't have meds as I react in one way or another. I've had celiac test come out negative. I don't see an gastroentorologist until november, long time when you are sick.
I have an extremely restrictive diet, commercial meat cause me great distress, lightheaded, sweats, so I buy from local non-GMO fed beef, twice the price, chicken is out, they lather it chicken broth or inject milk into them, not to mention, beef, chicken and pork are all fed high amounts of sugar that I may be reacting to.
Toothpaste I react to same way as weed did, extreme hunger pains and feeling hungry all day. My hands are constantly dry and white, can't grip a knife to peel potatoes and drop things a lot, many near misses on little piggy that hates going to the market. Public places causes allergy and asthma flares.
Does anyone react like I do, do you have list of safe foods/products that we test? Is drywall a problem? I'm getting "infected" by something I haven't figured out yet, does anyone wear a mask? Gloves? Haz-Mat suit? LOL
Thanks for listening....
Not open for further replies.