Gone potty? Plants gardens and lawns .

Oh me to SBee, just yesterday I was twisting my star jasmine vine in the fence when I heard a flapping near my ear.
I flicked it away then it came back and stung me right on my ear, yeee-ouch it stung.
A paper wasp got me good.
Well as for the mozzies, they love me, can’t do anything outside with out spray on or they will literally drag me away 😂
Ha!😂. Nice image @Harpy, you being dragged off by a swarm of mozzies! we obviously have such attractive skin and blood for the pesky things!
We had a wasp nest in our kitchen roof last year but weirdly became quite fond of them. I made a silent pact with them - I won't go near them if they won't come near me. It worked as well...
lol lol a pact, mmmmm 🤔 wonder if I can make a pact with those mozzies?
@Harpy I recommend and secret pacts with wildlife are best done in whispers. We live next to a small lane, much used by walkers, horseriders and dog walkers. I often forget this when I am talking aloud to various birds that come in, or asking a plant to grow better... Get some odd looks at times.😂

Despite the night temp due to drop to zero tonight I finally got round to ordering some veggie seeds. Can't do as much as I like but will grow salad bits in the greenhouse and pots. I normally sow far to early so am changing tactic this year and won't sow until start of April.
Always makes me feel optimistic sowing seeds.
It's Spring. Supposedly. In the UK we are still in that mixed up time when a burst of Sun is followed by rain. Or hail. Or a late frost, depending on whereabouts in the UK we are.

But I made the (rash?) Decision to take all my over wintering tender plants out of the shed and greenhouse. They are back where they belong and I need to hold my nerve and let them be.
Except my beloved tender ferns who get specialised treatment. I have a bag of fleece specifically for them.... who wouldnt? 🌿😂 think we all have our favourites.
I have moved a few plants into my little fern house too. Hopefully they will still get some sun and protected from our coming cold weather.

Here are some staghorns I finally attached to boards
Below are a few pots I added mixed succulents
My little fern house to potter in
Am slightly jealous, I adore ferns, mine often have to over winter or get fleece covers and they are the one plants I worry about in the Spring when they come out into day light shed they are happiest. I actually enjoy fighting bout their best positions as the season's change.Your stag horns look great like that on the walls.

In the UK we are heading into summer. Apparently. Just no one thought to notify the weather of this. heating's still on and some neighbours still light woodburners. So quite typical really!
I too love ferns, they give the area a real forestry feel, I just need to get a solar pump for the pond I have near my egg chair. Love the sound of running water.
Our closest neighbor is always to first light their fireplace and last ones to burn.
I do the same I move a pot here and there to share the sun lol