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Feb 4, 2013
Let's open this thread to a new day every day. Lets say hello and meet as new friends each morning or afternoon or night.

Lets share how our day is going or what the weather is like in the place you live,

Feel free to express your self and share interesting thoughts or things you have learned or life in general.

We may be suffering, but each of us has at least a few happy event's each day, and this is a good place to open up and share, so we can get to know you better.

Good Day To You All.
Yesterday I helped take a friend to her time-share apartment in New York state, It was a 65 miles drive from my home to her vacation spot. We rode with a friend in his pickup truck to haul her and all the luggage and food supplies she needed for her extended week long stay. The roads were good and we made good time. Her time-share was a cute big apartment that had a kitchen and living room, a loft upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs and the place had four bathrooms. Whew!

It was an interesting trip up and back through Jamestown, NY, and I found out something I never knew before. As we were driving we pasted the headquarters for the Salvation Army. I made a comment about it because my friend does volunteer work, for them in our local store. It was then the driver said, it is not just the main site the church is attached to it. I said "The church?' And I found out that the Salvation Army is not just about collecting and selling things no one wants anymore, and helping those in need, well they have a religion through their own church. Boy, was I surprised to learn about that. They used to have churches in each community a longtime ago, but attendance lessened as more churches were built in the towns.

That was yesterday. Today, I am here typing all my news to share with you. Today is a day of rest and work in all the articles and stories that need to be told. I hope you all have a very good day and I will see you here tomarrow!

Our weather in PA, is cold and with snow and ice. Temp/ 32 degrees
Today I awoke feeling not as pathetic as yesterday. I had slept fairly well and loafed about in my pj's till nearly noon. Heaven. I was able to waddle round with hubby to do a bit of shopping.
I even managed a very nice afternoon nap in the sunny spare room.
A nice relaxing stress free day.
i hope you all had a nice day too
Good Day To You All.

Today, was a good day. I spent the morning writing and trying to keep up on my jobs and not fall behind. Somedays I do very well, but other days I struggle to get everything written and done before I run out of time or energy.

This afternoon I cooked a meal of noodles with mushroom soup and frozen fresh peas, and sliced mushrooms, for my mother. I walked up to her house to deliver her meal and visit for a hour, before heading home. She is 86 years old and full of spunk, and yet getting forgetful at times. How does the microwave or the coffee pot work, she usually asks me. As I explain about four times she finally gets it. Sometimes it is the tv, and I try to tell her simply how it works, and once in awhile she remembers how to operate it.

The walk home was refreshing. The air was brisk and cold, yet breathing it in was easy. The snow crunched underfoot like munching lots of crisp crackers and I smiled about it as I hiked home. Once I got home I had to empty my kitchen waste in my compost pile. That mean't going out into the cold again and wading through a foot of crunchy snow way down in the backyard. After a bit of that I was not smiling anymore. My back and legs were aching from having to lift my feet higher to get through the drifts. Going down was easier than climbing the hill to get back to the house. Boy, was I tired by the time I got back inside.

And now here I am typing again, telling you about my day. I hope you all had a good day. And twiztc, I am glad you had time off yesterday to loaf around in your pj's, and sleep in the warm sunshine. I always loved doing that upon finding a spot where the sun is streaming in through a window and has made my comfortable chair a cosy warm place to rest. Thank you for posting here and everyone is welcome to join in.
Another loafy day. I've really made the most of this weekend. Snow still fluttering down in fits and start. I love to see my adopted squirrel come rushing up for her breakfast peanuts. The hawk was lurking in the big tree again this morning so I kept an eye on fluffy till it had gone.

I only had a few housy jobs to do today, a bit of washing and a little tidying of my room. Didn't nap today but well rested, just as well as I think I've caught yet another cold.

Gonna have a nice long warm bath in a bit and hope that sorts me out to be ready for work tomorrow.... I don't want another day like Friday.

I hope your aches and pain are better tomorrow 1sweed
Good Day To All.

Thank you twizc, for your kind words. :)

My muscle aches are not as bad today. But this day has been a mad house. I can go for weeks at a time and no one stops by the house or calls. My days are restful, other than when I am writing. But I can relax and watch a movie and make popcorn. And I have lots of time to myself except when I am with my mother.

Today, the phone rang non-stop. My aunt called to chat, that took a hour. Then my brother called, fifteen minutes gone. Then two telemarketers later I finally could check my emails, well not, another phone call from a friend and another hour lost. Then mother called and before I knew it was time to pick up my nephew from school.

I drove over and parked by the school waiting for the cute little guy to come out. As I am waiting his father calls to say he got off work early so he was picking him up from school. I explained to him I was already at school parked in the line waiting. Well, he said he was going to pick his son up and I could go home. I came home and grabbed a snack to eat and am now trying to tell the story of a very busy but mostly wasted day.

I don't know how you feel about planning your days, but I kind of try to kept plans mapped out so I have time to relax and eat, and time for my mother and time to write. When my days go like today there is no way to pick up were I left off and get anything done in any order. Tonight is hit and miss.

Now I am not complaining about my friends and family calling, but the rush to do things messes me up. I get forgetful and drop things, and my arms and legs say lets rest a bit. But the time frame is off course and I can not stop until the chores others have laid out for me are done. Then I drop to the my chair totally wore out.

I have learned to say "NO," but a day like today, was unplanned and uncalled for, as far as fibromyalgia, is concerned. Tonight from all the stress of today I will be in pain and my fingers will be slow and my eyes blurred, but somehow I will finish my work before bedtime.

I hope all of you had a much better day today than I did. Comments welcome here.
I tend to be the opposite. I don't make plans.. well Munro little one but I try to keep things flexable as I never know how I'm gonna feel.
I'm sorry your day was buggered up.

The sun was supposed to come out today and I was really looking forward to it but nerry a glimmer was found.
Luckily I felt a bit better today and managed a laugh or two at work. I love the guys I work with.
By the time I got home was totally exhausted again though so did myself a quick dinner and I don't intend to get my arse off this sofa till bedtime :)
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Hey Sweedy..
I feel like we have our own private forum just for the two of us. :grin:

was a mostly sunny day but as we came home from work the clouds had gathered and the wind is picking up

The storm is definately coming.

I do hope it's not so bad in the morning that I can't get my car out to go swimming
Hello Twiztc,
Seems like it, just me and you sharing the good and the bad. Maybe someone else will join in as we go along. But I like sharing with you.

Good Day To All,
I had another crazy day, but managed to get all my errands done. I had to go to the grocery store for my mother and get gas for the car and try to get home before the freezing rain started.

I was home safe and sound, and got most of my writing done, and just when I had my late supper all ready to eat, my brother called from work to ask me if I had electric. I did, and found out most of our town did not have electric including my mother's house. Okay, I called mother and she was fine. Time to sit down and eat supper.

The phone rings again, my brother is in a panic, he talked to mother and her electric stove burners were on and she couldn't shut them off. He said get up there now. So I grabbed my coat and put on my boots, and called a neighbor to come with me and help. We rushed to her house on bad slushy frozen snow to find the stove dials turned on and the timer buzzing. Quickly, my neighbor turned off the dials and the timer, and we unplugged the stove. Problem solved. Whew!

Mother has memory problems, but does okay most of the time. It is hard on us worrying about her all the time. And now I am late on my writing do to this late night excitement. Finally I got my supper and now am writing all this down to share with you about my day.

I hope you had a better day then I did. Hoping for much better day tomarrow.
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You really seem to be having a topsy turvy time lately. Glad your mum is ok though.
It was my day off today and the weather prevented me from my usual Wednesday activities.
I was still tired when hubby left for work so I went back to bed and for nearly three hours I slept like the dead.
Not a normal thing for me.
Got up, felt grotty. Then I found out why. My body has decided to take my bodily pains down a notch but hit me hard with the IBS.
Sometimes life sucks.
I mean... I've been trying really hard to give myself a mental kick up the bum and stay positive then something comes right back to kick you down again.
So I've been lolling around in my pj's all day dozing off every now and again
but I will pull myself together and be ready for work in the morning as usual and always hopeful that tomorrow is better.
Good Day To You All! & twiztc

Today, was a nice relief. I got to stay home and relax. I was glad for it because my muscles were giving me grief from all the activity from the last couple of days.

I needed time off to sit around and watch the snow fall. It was really beautiful today and I finally got some pretty winter photographs of snow covered tree limbs and bushes lined with snow. And with big fluffy snow flakes coming down.

Tonight it snowed some more and so all the shovelling my neighbors did, will have to be repeated tomarrow morning.. Today, I read a book and straightened up my little house and loafed around.

The stress is off and I feel better. No more complaining for a little while I hope. :)

Plan to do some baking tomarrow and make a crock pot full of homemade soup. Yum!
Good Day To You All.

Today was a busy day. Had to call the cable company for my mother, as the electric outage the town had fried her cable box and it also has killed her electric stove.

So today I walked up to her house and first had to shovel snow and break up the ice, on her backporch and her sidewalk, and entry to her driveway. That was hard because the snow we got was heavy wet snow that formed a layer of wet ice under the snow. It was very heavy and hard going, but I did it using a snow shovel and garden spade.

Then I had to come home and do the same at my house. Ouch! I am tired tonight. And I will feel this tomarrow.

I am hoping tomarrow is warmer and we don't get to much new snow. I want to take some more pictures of the woods and of my house all snow covered.

Talked to the little girl who lives next door. Ask her if she made a snowman. Said she didn't know how, so I told her how to do it. She is a strange little one, very quiet and withdrawn. I hope she is just shy and does not have problems at home.

Well guess I have written enough here for tonight. See you tomarrow. :)
Oh Sweedy You should have some help with that heavy sloppy icy stuff. We got exactly the same thing here and hubby bless him told me to leave it alone. On this occasion I did as I was told. It pooped him out enough. The weather however is gonna drop for a few days but is at least gonna be much brighter.
I always feel more uplifted in some sunshine even if it is cold.
After yesterday's crappy day(yes pun intended) today was much better. I still had a tender crampy belly but that's normal and at least it didn't stop me eating.
Things at work have slowed down for me for the time being and I'm even struggling to find things to do but I'm making the most of it coz I know in a month or two when all the spring promo's come in it will get crazy again.
I found out today that my pain doc is finally back from his winter jaunt to Africa and got myself an appointment for next Wednesday... funny how even that little bit of news made me feel better. I can finally get my meds again and tell him what an appauling winter I've had. Maybe he'll think of something else for me to try.
So all in all not too bad a day. Tomorrow? BRING IT ON
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Good Day To All.

Hey twiztc,

Yes, I should be getting help from my younger brother, but for now he has turned a blind eye, so to speak from the on going care of mother and her house. So it is just me and my older brother trying to care for her. She has some memeory loss and is being very strubborn about any help at all. And I being the daughter get all the grief. She is mad at me for anything I do to help her and it wears me down a lot, because I am worried about her well-being and safety.

Today, the cable man came and gave her a new box. After he left I had to explain how to use the remote about twenty times. Then I had to tell her why her stove died, another twenty times. I finally got to come home. Much more of this and I think I will be the crazy one.

Anyways, I am glad you will see your doctor and get your meds. That should cheer you up quite a bit. Try some peppermint tea when your stomach is bothing you, I heard it helps. Like you said, tomarrow, BRING IT ON! We can handle this right? Have a good day.
Being nosey does your dear old mum have a touch of altzimers (crap... I realty can't spell these days) I used to look after my dear old lady friend across the road from me and she had that. She was very forgetful and argumentative. It tore my heart as I knew her before she got bad. It was a difficult time as I thought of her like my granny. So I know a little how you feel. The stress of it though will make it hard on you. Perhaps you will have to have a pow-wow with your siblings one day and get them to share more of the tasks or you're gonna burn yourself out girl.
As for me today was an ok day. Nothing weird or wacky or outside of the normal. Just tired a lot today so now I'm tucked up in bed with a nice hot cuppa tea.

Goodnight all... sweet dreams
Hello one and all.
Had a funny night again... kept waking every hour and a half or so. Think it's coz it got quite cold. When I got up my bed looked like it had been hosting a sumo wrestling match.
Needless to say I didn't get my lazy arse out of bed till a little after ten.
Hubby went to his gerunds at noon and told me he would let me know if he was staying over there for the night but bless him, he dug my car out of the now frozen encrusted snow and cleared it all off for me. I went out and got my little errands done. Sorted out my usual little housework jobs and had a late lunch. Still no word from hubby.
Seven o'clock came and went and even after two text messages no word. I can only assume I won't see him till tomorrow.
So I got the house and the TV all to myself and the peace and quiet that entails.
So I raise a nice hot cuppa tea to you all and hope you have had a pleasant day.
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