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May 5, 2013
Hello Im new here, I been suffering with Fibromyalgia over 20 years, I had been suffering a few years before I decided to go see the doctor,The times I lost plenty weight 100 pounds or more I never had a problem with the illness, it went in remission.I believe eating healthy had alot to do with my side effects,but as I got in my late 30's my hips would often flare up which I found out later to be the beginnings of Osteoporosis and now I have osteoarthritis as well.
I have major depression and I never put a name to my sadness until I had a traumatic shock when I was diagnosed with Endometrial cancer in 2010,now almost 3 years later I suffer greatly with pain.I had a hysterectomy,so my metabolism is shot and my joints are so painful I cant walk.I am very limited and disabled now. I have researched and up til now the ladies Ive spoken with say Lyrica really doesnt help at all. I take anti-depressants [3]and they dont take away pain,I take meds with codeine that helps sometimes with some pain levels but will take anti-inflammatory sometimes..I would say about 80% of the time the meds dont help at all..and when they do its not for long.I have not reached the five year survival mark for the cancer and 2 years into it,I was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma.So stressing= depression=extreme pain.:sad:
My skin as been really sensitive lately almost like a bruised burning feeling along with my fingers,Im just flared up everywhere,throbbing pain,I rub icy hot on my skin to ease it but it dont last long.
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Sandyshores, My heart goes out to you in reading about all you have been going through. If fibro is not bad enough having cancer is a worse. I can't even imagine the pain your dealing with and it sounds like you need a chance in your pain medications. You might need something much stronger to handle the pain because your dealing with several different illnesses that cause major pain.

I am assuming you had radiation or chemo, or both, in fighting the cancer. And both kinds of arthritis is not good, plus the fibro. Might mean you need to revisit your doctor soon and get new meds. For muscle pain alone I have suggested to others trying epson salts in warm bath water. That might help you if you have a tub. Use warm but not hot water and 1 cup of epson salts, and soak for a little while before getting ready for bed. The salt is good for bruised skin as well as, pain in bones and making skin feel good. Be sure to use body lotions after the bath so your skin remains soft and moisturized. Read around the forum in the fibro pain areas to get other ideas on handling pain.
Best of luck to you. I look forward to seeing your name and posts on the forum. :)
Thank you for replying to my post.Yes I do need medical care,but I've no money, no help to get medical attention.I am tired of asking and repeatedly being turned away,or scolded like a 2 yr old because someones idea of being disabled should be in a wheel chair.Well if I had one Id surely sit in it.The past two Fridays I have used the electric trolley cart in the grocery store because I can no longer walk the long isles in the store,and even then Im like the people staring at me. I've been isolating awhile now,I don't even want to talk with anyone anymore,Im so sick and tired of being sick and tired,& I know that fact is so well used in our lives.No I did not need chemo or radiation in 2010,thank God they got it all,but I'm suppose to have a 6 month blood work every year until 5 yrs have reached. The melanoma, I needed a scan for, this to check my lymph nodes, which the referring dermatologist suggested I may need chemo because of the depth of the lesion[skin cancer] and this is a long story I cant get into now but I never had it done because of governments policies and private doctors working along with the public medical sector.Suffice it to say, I've left it alone,I feel trapped and I see no way out.
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