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May 25, 2013

I have RA and Fibro. Ra since 1992, Fibro Feb 2013(actually I believe longer but official diagnosed) Wanted to know if anyone else has problems with their hand. I don't know if its my Ra or Fibro. They hurt constantly. I have a hard time grabbing and keeping things in my hands. At night when I have been sleeping and I want to get out of bed, I actually have to use my feet to get the blankets off of me. When I try to bend my fingers, they feel very tight and won't close. This is all day not just morning stiffness.

My question is, does anyone else have this problem, what do you use to get relief?

The meds that I am on are, Lyrica 100mg,2.5mg of prednisone and I take a supplement called Infamatone. I am trying to go the natural route. I been eating lots of fruits and vegies, not much on animal protein, no soy or dairy, and most of all no sugar.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.
Hi dillonsmom! I too have hand pain almost the majority of every day. I thinks yours seems to be a more severe case then mine. So sorry to hear that. Prednisone worked for me for awhile and then it just sort of stopped. I don't really take anything for it now. Advil takes the edge off and if it's a really bad day, then half of a vicodin tab works a bit. Sorry I don't have any more advice than that. I have found that the muscle rub Blue Emu also tones it down a bit but that is very expensive. Might help you though. Take care.
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