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Oct 25, 2017
I know just about everyone here has at some point probably had issues with a doctor so this should be kind of relateable and amusing at the same time.

So back in the day I ended up becoming unable to deal with my bipolar and tried to off myself. Again. So I ended up at this place that I was referred to. I wasn't working and had no money so they gave me free care. Tons of medication changes and 6 years later I am functioning at a fairly high capacity. So I've been through the whole process of getting better.

So my roommate. I've known him for like 10 years, he's like my little brother. Very polite and very soft spoken. He just turned 30 and he's on disability for depression and anxiety. His parents were abusive and he was living at home and it really stressed him out. So when I left my ex I was like, hey come live with me. So he moved here, I let him pay less than half the rent and no bills and he does the stuff my fibro argues with me over like dishes and cat boxes. It works for us. But my ultimate goal is to get him back to working like I did. So I sent him to the same place I went. And then I was horrified at what I was told.

The psychiatrist upped the dosage of the medication he said was making him worse. Then said "at this point it would be more helpful if you learned to shove your foot up your own ass". And when my friend asked for counseling he was told to read a self help book. This is beyond appalling to me. If I had been treated like that I would never have gotten better.

So I asked my friend when his next appointment was and he told me and I'm like "I'm going with you and you do not have the option to say no".

Ok so me. I'm 35, 5'6" and a few too many pounds. I do, however have purple hair and 6 facial piercings. I'm not soft spoken. I am NOT an approachable person except for the most brave. My friends call me asocial and I even like them, lol. And I was NOT happy with this man. And he knew it. I had a smile more akin to a "shit eating grin" for those familiar with the phrase.

So I just sat there smiling at him. He asked my name and I kept staring and smiling. While he diligently wrote his notes and asked appropriate questions. He goes "oh so you want to receive counseling". I'm like "Yes, he would. I already set it up with the nurse." He quietly went back to his notes for a minute. Busted.

As time went on he got more and more nervous. He asked my roommate about what current events he could recall from the week and specifically asked what happened on Tuesday. I'm like "We don't have TV and he doesn't listen to news. The ONLY reason I know what you are talking about is because they have the news on in the break room at work. That question is irrelevant" He's like "Oh... Ummm. Ok"

Then he's like "well the medication dosage you are on is still low" I say "No. He is WORSE with this medication." Again he was like "oh... Ummm." and went back to his paperwork. Then he asks if he's taken a specific medication before. Roommate says no. I, however, have taken it so I start asking questions that the psych is struggling to answer. He was practically stuttering.

He didn't have any smart assed comments with me around. And it was glorious. Take that, shitty doctors!
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