Has anyone had breast reduction/lift with Fibro?

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Sep 6, 2018
New Jersey
Hi all,

You don't know me. I'm new to the forum. I can't type very long on the computer because of my severe Fibro condition. So, I've mostly been just lurking around.

But now I have a question...

First, let me say that I have large (36D or DD) breasts and have not been able to wear a bra for about 3-4 yrs. now because I have spasms, swollen areas of very tight muscles in all the places touched by any kind of bra. As a result my breasts have dropped probably 2" almost to my belly button and are rather flaccid, making them each like 3 lb. balls hanging off my chest. They pull on my upper chest/collar bone area, shoulders, and my neck muscles, which exasperates the pain I have in these areas, and now is making it hard on my upper back.

I made an appt with a breast surgeon, but then cancelled it at the last minute. I had just looked at the aftercare instructions on the website and read that I'd have to wear a surgical bra then sports bra for 24/7 for 3 weeks. That killed the deal for me because I can't wear bras now. I'd be in absolute agony wearing one all day everyday.

Questions: Have any of you had a reduction with or without a lift while you had Fibro? Anyone in a "bra situation" like me out there? Was the aftercare extra painful?

Please share your experiences with me so I can decide what to do (though I have just wanted to take a large knife and cut them off myself!).

Thank you in advance.

I had a breast reduction in 2004. I was a little bigger than you. At that time I didn't have fibro or maybe I did. My shoulders ached so bad that I couldn't wear a coat. At home I went braless or wore a sports bra. My lower back was a mess and I was miserable. So I had the breast reduction. Now, my doctor did not make me wear a bra for 3 weeks. I'm sure every doctor is different. Really the only restrictions I had was not to wear a bra with an underwire. I got along very well with the surgery. I had immediate relief. My only problem now is the sides. For a long time they were numb. But now they are sore. I'm sure that is from the Fibro. I've only been recently diagnosed. I can't tell you to have the surgery or not, but I myself would do it again in a heart beat. I can go braless and not have boobs down past my belly button. My back is so much better and my shoulders don't ache like they did. I think if I had not done it, I would be in a lot of pain right now. Good luck and I hope this helped you. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.
In my practice, I have had patients with your medical “conditions” do very well after the combination surgery you are scheduled for. On the other hand, I have also had patients who have had more than average discomfort associated with the same procedures.
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