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Sep 5, 2020
I did see video & post, but as it at 1'32'' just showed the PT getting up on one knee using a chair, I couldn't see the difference or problem 🧐. But from your description now I do now get it - that you need to avoid knee involvement, so my descriptions don't fit.
That of course calls for special tricks which are usually left out by all the experts on getting up, including the one in your video. But your technique is a great one, I'm practicing it at the moment. The more small and big pains and problems we have, the more ingenuity for unusual effective ways of moving we need.
When I move the way I need to, how long and complicated I seem to take to get up or get moving from any stance, altho I mask any pain and turn 'gasping for breath' into "deep breathing" or a "hoooo!", my wife reacts as if it this all were very bad - catastrophizes as docs call it.
For me this is a mental management problem. The more I believe I am a wreck, the worse it is and gets for me. So instead I make fun of myself, play around with moves, become immune to her catastrophying, do not believe in it. And even if we may sort of be wrecks compared to others - we are beautiful wrecks and also still have lots of potential. But there's more than enough reason to end our movements with a "tadaaaaa" to celebrate our achievement. 🥳👯‍♂️👯‍♀️
Not open for further replies.