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Tipnatee N

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May 8, 2017
I'm posting this techniques cause I my self with fibro fog sometimes do forget this is what I could do to relieve some pains from migraine, sinusitis, facial aching or some upper neck pains from fibromyalgia.

Use the tip of your thumb or other tips of your finger Whatever comfortable for you. Find the center top of your head and press it down use only the weight of your arms to weight it down ( don't grab your head with your hand just used only the tip of your finger) . Now do it while relax your face muscles and shoulder at the same time. This should ease some intense pain of your headache or face ache while you're doing it. Of course it won't completely stop the pains on going but at least give you a quick relieve when you're having a bad and painful day :wink:

Another one , if your neck hurts and tense of long going pains and it's going nowhere with other things you do , try drop your head down using only your head weight and relax your shoulder ( while sitting and relaxing) . Let the neck stretch downward as far as you can for about 10 seconds or more if you want. you can also try swaying your head left and right to losing up some more but do it slowly with no force. You might hear some neck cracking which usually a good sign. This should help a little more along with the other efforts you have putting in trying to get as much as relieve from fibro pains. Xoxo and hope you'll have a much better day tomorrow.
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