Heavy legs tip

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Jan 1, 2016
I read somewhere that you should elevate your legs 15 minutes a day. It takes pressure off your heart, giving it a much needed break.

Anyway what I do is lie down and hold my legs straight up. Putts nag an exercise band over my feet helps hold them up. Also you can lie on floor next to door facing, scoot your butt up close and raise one leg at a time up the wall.

My fibro really kills my legs and specially the front of my thighs. The large muscles just throb. Anyway, this has helped me. Hope it helps someone else.
I tried this today, I fell walking up my stairs...legs just gave out. Anyways, I just remembered reading a post here. My legs were throbbing so very badly...this method helped me greatly. I actually ended up with a heating pad under my hips my legs up and believe it or not, I feel asleep. Thanks AlaDeb for the post. Hugs.
I tried wearing long john pants this winter as I have in the past as they help with warmth and support. But this winter my legs have been throbbing with pain and the extra support made it worse. So I am wearing warm knee high socks in the house and saving the long john pants for outdoors in severe weather only.
I also put a soft foam mat under my bottom sheet in bed and the extra cushioning has helped stop the pain and keep me warmer at night.

AlDeb, i will try your tip as well. If my lower back can manage the upright leg position. thanks for sharing.
I'll try it. My legs are always aching so bad.
You can also get support stockings that they use for diabetics or for people with poor circulation in their legs. This may also help. Just a thought. I hope you find some relief.
Thanks for the tip! Need to try already tomorrow!
My legs are the first/second problems and if this helps - very easy and cheap way to get helped.
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