Hello everyone, from Louisiana...no not New Orleans!

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Apr 5, 2013
Hi everyone...my name is Jeanne. I was diagnosed with Fibro back in 1995 and with SLE in 1996. For a few hard years, they kept me almost house bound but I finally set my mind to a point that I was not going to let either illness take me down without a fight. At this point, I am not on any medicines for either illness. I do have muscle relaxers on hand in case I need them after working in the garden or on my house that I am building for hours at a time without stopping. My thing with the Fibro is once I start doing something, I have learned over the years, to not stop and sit for very long periods because once I do, that's it. SO, when I am outside working in the yard, in my nice sized garden or on my little house, I just keep at it until I am ready to call it a day. Once I stop for good, I know that I will have to take the muscle relaxer in order to relax or there will be no sleep that night. I have learned also thru the years to not let what others say about my not looking sick effect me at all. With the SLE, there were times I could hardly walk or sit and it was all due to stress of living with the man I was married to...found that out the hard way because once we split, my system evened out and I have had not s single flare up with either illness. I thank GOD everyday for what HE has gotten me thru over the years. Now that it is spring time, I am out in the garden for hours at a time planting my own produce to harvest as time goes by. I want to thank everyone ahead of time for what this room does for others....thank you all..:lol:
Hi Jeanne
Glad you have found what works for you. BTW what is SLE?
I know what it's like being with someone unsypathetic. My ex was so wrapped up in his own problems he didn't care about mine. One day I woke up and refused to live with his abuse. There comes a time when you gotta look after number one right?
I'm lucky to have a very loving supportive hubby now and I feel it's a shame he got the worst of me. If I'd have found him years ago I might not have been in such a mess.
Glad you found the forums.
ileoco, Hi there welcome to the forum.

I am glad you found us and happy to hear your a gardener too. This forum is filled with friendly folks willing to answer your questions or offer a shoulder to cry on and get you through the hard times. I was in an abusive relationship also, and so know the relief of moving on. Anyways, make your self at home and start posting and answering other questions, and join in on the fun spots like in tea time and hobbies. I look forward to reading your posts and getting to know you better through reading them. :)
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