Hello everyone, I'm Rasz and new here

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Dec 9, 2015
Hi! I am Rasz and as I sit here tonight with a flare up, I realized I needed a place to go where others would understand and I can share my pain as well as victories. I have lived with Fibro since back in the day when it was a brand new "catch all" phrase for any aches and pains the doctors could not explain. That was around 20 years ago. Now I have specialists that believe in Fibro and don't look at me like I am crazy. I also deal with degenerative disc, bone and joint disease, and some new rare esophageal and stomach problems that are auto-immune diseases. I believe there is a connection with Fibro and the auto immune system. Just my personal opinion.

So HELLO everybody and I am glad to be here!
Gentle hugs, Rasz
Hi Rasz,
I think I introduced myself slightly during a question you had about if fibro was an autoimmune disease. I am new too. I have severe fibro and Chronic Fatigue. Mine started as a positive result for Epstein Barr, though I had it as a teen, no one could figure it out and it went into CFS and then fibro. So its been almost 12 years and I still need support, even with a supportive husband and family I don't have friends that understand my condition and its caused problems in that area. So this is where I am hoping to feel part of and supported and hopefully make some friends.

I too have the Cervical and Lumbar Degenerative Disc Disease. Do you go to a pain doctor to get injections for some relief from that? I have had to do that, as my Lumbar 3,4,5 cause sciatic symptoms at times that are extremely painful. What did you do all the years before when fibro wasn't on the map, so to speak? Did they use similar meds? If not that had to be so hard for you and I am sorry you had to experience that. I had a great doc at the time that was assertive and didn't give up figuring out my diseases. But of course she had to have me see every specialist in the world to rule out everything else. So welcome and hope to talk to you again
Good Morning Rasz. I am fairly new to this forum too. So welcome! I am finding this forum very helping in reading what everyone has been and is going through. It is giving me a lot of insight and maybe some other options that could possibly work for me. I was officially diagnosed two years ago but was on a roller coaster a year and a half before that with other diseases and symptoms. My mother has Fibro and the doctors said that I would get it too. I didn't believe them and did everything to delay or prevent it but her I am! Suffering and still trying to find what else I can do to help myself and hopefully get back to work. I have come a long way but the Fibro is getting worse along with everything else. I think I could write a book! I found there is a Fibro support group too in my area that I hope is still active as I would like to attend. On my list to call next week. Take care and good luck. Remember....it is trial and error for everyone and we are all here with you! Sheri
Hello Blueeyes!

I've been around a little while, mostly in and out. I have not heard of any FMer who has just that and nothing more. Mine started with Graves disease- which almost killed me. I also have DDD, arthritis, and several vertebra have fused on their own in 2 different places-oh, and lifetime migraine sufferer. Before all that I did have a life!

I have found over time several things that have improved my life and also, I don't get as depressed as I used to; I learned to grieve over what once was and will never be again. I still work at finding what the new" normal" is. It seems to be a moving target!

Anyway, LOTS of good advice here. Everyone is so different so it's trial and error. I'd advise reading everything you can about FM, I got most out of the library . You have to be a big part of your own health and sometimes I ask my pain management doc about something I read and he often can back me up on it.

Welcome, and I hope you make good use of this site, we are here for you.
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