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Sep 1, 2014
Hello people !
So recently I have had some really bad symptoms much that describe FM. So I started a new job in April and I was very content for a good month till
I noticed some "invisible pain" on my upper back. It felt prickling and I decided to continue to ignore it. After a hellish 3 months with it I noticed that this pain was not normal and I had to work through with it and just take normal advil when it was in actuality getting worst :( I had no insurance and I couldnt do anything about it. So I ended up quitting my job because of the pain in July and I basically lied in bed feeling sick for a months now. My family doesnt really understand the pain and fatigue feeling. I went to urgent care a couple of times due to anxiety and I ended driving to the hospital 4 am n wasting money just to get a shot that numbs the pain. Doctors and family members just think its anxiety and my depression because "I look normal". Ive had blood tests but and they came back fine. I dont really know what to do anymore. My symptoms are getting worst. I have a constant bad headache, my upper teeth feel numb and sensitive, half my the right side of my body is numb and weak, my back - neck - shoulder are in alot of pain and Ive been getting more and more fatigued, there feels like theres bugs under my face crawling, I have trouble concentrating and trying to remember things, the ringing in my ear gets louder, it feels like I have a sinus infection. I know alot of sympotms -.- I tried self massaging my TRP till I actually get some better treatment but it doesn't seem to work . Ive basically been lying bed to and worrying whether my symptoms wil get worst and sooner than later I might develop nerve damage or something scary :( I have a Doctor's appointment tomorrow with my primary care physician and Im afraid hes just going to give medication that might not help. Hopefully I can get a referral to rheumatologist or someone that actually deals with chronic pain and fatigue.

Anyways thanks for reading my post and if you guys have similar symptoms or anything in common feel free to reply :)
Not open for further replies.