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Dec 9, 2015
British Columbia

I just been diagnosed with FM for about a month and been only dealing with in since April of this year. So not long but it does feel like its been years already. I not sure what started the pain but we think it was stress because I was upgrading some of my skills for work and during that process my hands started to hurt then the rest of me followed after. I've always have had sleeping issue since I was a kid and been on/off sleeping pills my whole life. I've always felt tired so at least that not new.

Luckily I have a doctor very familiar with dealing with patients going through these symptoms. Plus she tested me for everything else she could think of, all those tests :sad: I am just waiting to go see a rheumatologist in February or hopefully sooner if I'm lucky. I am a little scared to see him since I have such a close relationship with my GP but I trust her judgment and their is not much else she can do for me.

I've been on Cymbalta and Gabapentin for the pain, the combination seem to work okay. I have good days and bad. Some days the pain is so bad I can't leave me bed to go to work or even walking to the bathroom is the most challenging thing of the day. Most of my pain seems to be centralized in my thighs or hip area. Also in my arms or hand feel way to puffy to do anything even typing or drawing like I used to. I used to do martial arts and exercise few time a week and now I have a hard time walking upstairs to get to my bedroom on some days. I'm happy I still work full time at my job which is in a pharmacy plus I don't drive and I walk everywhere or take the bus. I'm still pretty mobile about 80% of the time and I just try to ignore the pain as best I can.

My friends don't understand what I'm really going through at all and its hard for them to seem me sometimes. I am lucky that I have a very supportive boyfriend who has help me every step of the way but sometimes I can tell he doesn't really know either. He just sees the tears and frustration which I'm sure we all have experience. Fibro-Fog is got to be the worst when it hits, I lose words so easy and I used to have the best memory now I forget things all the time which can really annoy co-workers.:sad:

Wow I didn't mean to write so much. I just happened upon this cite when I was doing some more research and was happy to see a support forum. My GP has been wanting me to go to support groups but I haven't be able to afford to take the time off work. So I'll try this out instead.

So nice to meet you, sorry for rambling :smile:
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