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Apr 18, 2013
Hi, finally decided to join a group to vent:wink: I've suffered from CF then Fibro for around 10yrs. My gp diagnosed me when I asked him if this could be fibromyalgia sometime around 2005. He sent me to a rheumatologist who said that it wasn't anything that she normally treats(ie arthritis) but we could try some pain meds. I wasn't liking the idea of strong meds so I declined. The pain moved around on came and went, I tried another rheumy when Lyrica came out, but that stuff messed with my head and made it hard to concentrate at work- still had a flare. Tried Celebrex and that seemed to take the edge off, but for some reason my gp didn't like me being on it, so now I'm back to regular Ibuprofen. Right now the worst time of day for me is mornings. I dread going to sleep, because I wake around 4am with excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders, roll around till 7:30 because I'm so tired, then groan my way out of bed because I can't stand lying in pain any longer and stiffly make my way to the couch. My neck and shoulders at bedtime one or two Advil and magic heat bags to warm my feet. I still wake up in pain, but at least i fall asleep faster in get into a good deep sleep for a few more hours. I'm still looking for a cause! I think that's what bugs me the most - not knowing why or when a flare will happen. Sitting at the computer to long - shoulders aching - thanks for reading and letting me vent my pain.
First off welcome to the forum. I am glad you found us and feel free to vent at anytime. If you read through the chronic pain sections and the general talking about fibro sections I think you will find some great ideas for managing the pain.

I am going to suggest a few things that might help you cope better. I also tell new members that getting a fiber or feather, or foam pad or mattress topper bed will help your aches and pain in the mornings disappear. These are not regular mattress pads, but are 3-4 inches thick. They come in all sizes to fit on top of your regular mattress. They provide pillow like comfort for your whole body. Sometimes it helps to sleep with two pillows, one med soft and the other a bit firmer. That way you can put them both under your head and flip out the one that hurts your neck, and put the other one on top. I sleep better with this two pillow system.

Always try to keep your lower legs and feet warm at night. Use extra blankets or knee socks. By keeping them warmer you can reduce the amount of cramps in your lower legs and feet. Using a heating pad or hot water bottle around your neck helps also. I understand about the pain meds being a problem. I am limited to over the counter drugs as I am allergic to most of the other medications.

As you read and ask questions, your knowledge will grow and the better informed you are the easier it will be for you to cope. :)
Thanks for the welcome, it's nice to hear that I'm not the only one with pain while sleeping. I have tried the foam pad, my Mother paid $200 for a really good one for me, but I still suffered. We bought a new bed with a built in topper about 6 months ago but my pain still persists. I go to bed every night wearing warm knitted socks and using two heated pads - 1 for my neck, the other for my feet, and numbing cream for my neck and shoulders so that I can get to sleep, but it wears off and I wake in pain. Last few months were tolerable, but April has brought really bad episodes. I'm always looking for a reason, but it seems that I'm grasping at straws. For years I avoided saying that I had Fibro, thinking that I'd find some obscure disease and there'd at least be a treatment. I've just recently been telling people that I have fibro, as well as telling my husband how much pain I'm in on a daily basis. I used to keep it to myself, feeling that no one needs to hear me complain. Don't know if this new out look will help or not, I still feel frustrated.
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