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May 9, 2013
So glad to find this forum. I belong to various Pages on Facebook but never want to join in being that half the world gets an update whenever you post.

I was diagnosed officially with FM 2 years ago but have suspected that I had way before that. 2 years ago... after the birth of my third child... is when the symptoms really peaked.

My mother has Fibromyalgia & CFS so I knew the symptoms... was just in denial for a while.

My oldest child is a girl. I am hoping and praying that my daughter does not end up with this terrible thing. I also suffer from endometriosis. I'm afraid she is doomed.

Does anyone else have cases of FM being hereditiary in the family? I think I'll make another post on that...

I try very hard to stay active and to keep this awfulness from getting me down... but some days, like today, it wins and I start to feel sorry for myself. I don't want to be like that.

Looking at my mom, you would never know that she has FM, CFS and a deteriated disc in her back. I want to be the same way. I don't want this to get me down and I want to teach my children that even with set backs, you have to be strong and push on.

But somedays... it's hard to stay so postive.

You would think that since my mom and I both have FM it would be easy to talk to her about it... but since she suffers from so much more than I do, I feel guilty complaining to her about my issues.

It's not her fault... all mine. All in my head. She is always sweet when I talk to her about it.

So... I am glad to find this place so that on my bad days... I don't feel so bad about complaing. :)

Looking forward to having a place to vent and share. :)

- Nikki from MI
Welcome, Nikki_MI,
So glad you found this forum. Since you know the symptoms and problems that come with fibro, your input will be a great help on this forum. Your also welcome to rant and moan, as well as, add new topic's and answer other folks posts. We are a caring bunch of people who try and provide answers to the many questions, but also understand the pain and heartaches that come from having fibro, as well as, from rude doctor's and family and friends that just don't get it.

I like this forum for the same reason as you do. Although, anyone can read it, from anywhere it's not widely out there like Facebook. You can feel a bit more safe with private feelings and thoughts. Yet together we kind of hold hands in support of one another dealing with this illness. I look forward to seeing you around the forum and reading your posts and hoping to learn some new coping skills from you. Hope your having a good day. :)
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