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May 3, 2013
I am in the process of being diagnosed with fibro. The past year has been horrible, several er visits/Dr visits/every test and scan out there. One more cat scan and if it is clear my Dr says the diagnosis would be fibro. I have been reading other posts and am happy to see that a lot of what I am feeling/going through is the same for others. (It is not all in my head and I am not crazy) :smile:
Welcome to the forum. Yes, you will find that most of us have been going through the same as you, which is a relief in a way, but does not solve the problem of miss-informed doctors who can be rude or uncaring and testing that does not show anything, but wastes money most can ill afford to lose. I was in debt by the time I got my diagnosis, from every test the doctors could think of to send me to. But it took a rheumatologist to make the diagnosis. I hope things get better for you after your diagnosis is complete.

Please continue to come here and read the forum topic's and questions. They will give you ideas on managing all the symptoms of fibro, as well as, a chance to make new friends who understand what your going through and believe you, and will help give added support when the days are long and painful or someone says something that brings you down.

Make yourself to home with posting. I look forward to seeing your name around the forum. :)
It can be frustrating/depressing to have Drs look at you like you are crazy when you try to explain what hurts/what you are feeling/going through. I am lucky to live in Canada where we have universal medical and it hasn't cost me any money out of pocket for all the tests.
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