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May 4, 2013
Hello all! I found this site looking for some advice about my fibro before taking a long road trip next week. I was diagnosed in 2009 when I was 29 years old shortly after having my second child. I had been decorating my christmas tree and for a week afterwards, my entire body hurt. I realized that I had felt like I had the flu for an entire year straight! I went to the doctor and with the symptoms I told him, he said "It sounds like fibro to me, and you know that don't you?" I'm a nurse and that was what I thought too, but I didn't want to admit it. After a few doctors visits and tests, I started on meds mainly for sleep. I told my doctor that I felt like I was sleeping on a bed of rocks...
Since then I have tried lyrica, which I was not crazy about the side effect of weight gain...:sad: so now I am on flexeril every night and just OTC meds during the day for pain. Usually I am okay, but lately I have been having headaches originating from the back of my neck and head. I have had some stomach issues here lately, and my doctor is talking about trying some neurontin.
Our trip to florida next week is going to be so fun with the kids, but I must admit I'm dreading the drive there and back! (10 hrs each way)!
Can't wait to hear from some others who know where I'm coming from!
I am on Neurotin it isn't helping much. I also take Tizanidine for spinal cord injury. Twisted cord. I have dysautonomia also and am gf. I think I am going to have to go with something stronger. Tried adding natural GaBA and Stresscare for Adrenals and Methyl b12 and folate and vit c it is not helping.
I have been on Neurotin for many years and it has helped me. If you take it you must keep on a regular time frame and take it at the same time everyday. It takes time to build it up in your system and is short-lived, so that is why you must stay on a regular time everyday. What is good about it is that it works well with other meds, no bad side effects except for a bit of weight gain, but hey if it helps the pain then it is a good trade off.

As for your trip. Stop and take short breaks and walk around and stretch your arms and legs. I hope you have help with the driving. If so then try to sleep while other person drives or stop for the night somewhere's to give yourself time to relax. It is better to take a bit longer than to be in so much pain you can't enjoy the trip. I have made the trip many times and from PA it's a three day drive. Another choice would have been to take the Amtrak train down and back. It is a nice ride and you can take your car on a certain train. Something to concern for your next vacation. Otherwise, the regular train goes near Orlando, and if you stay near the park they provide transportation from some of the hotels in the park, to and from the train stations. My brother flies down as you can be there in two-three hours.

Just pace yourself and try not to spend a lot of time out in the hot humid weather or in the sun. With all the pavement around it makes it hotter than normal. Relax as much as possible and have a great time. :)
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