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May 6, 2013
my name is shellie im 38 and last oct i had kidney stones again then i got sick in nov i had strep i couldn't get into dr. so i nursed my selfthen i got better and then sick again ended up in the hospital( stupid ohio weather) they said i had pneumonia and copd. they did a horrible job while i was there . I went to a follow up with dr and they said iI had neither is was bronchitis SO i tried explaining to him the tingling i was having in my chest and the pain and the tingling in the leg. he said it was from coughing and stuff i asked him about my ribs he said go see dr hoover (he helps with my back) , i went to him for this my ribs and stabbing in my back and he said go to the chiropractor so i did was. still working every day and dealing with all this. We went to fl in December when we got there i felt good except for the tingling in leg a few times n chest. On our way home my ears popped like they did on the way down so did my daughters. My back started hurting again but in the shoulder area as soon as we crossed into ohio my daughter n i started not feeling well again. My pain was worse and then every where. I went to back dr, regular dr, chriopactor they all think it fibro. so she gave me gabumentain i took it for awhile i start buring and tingling every where my face my eye twitched my vision got worse. I called my back dr on day and told him my spine was hurting and about some other symptoms. They said stop the meds. I was driving myself crazy this thing developed in my throat i couldn't swallow eat or nothing dr said it to be different things come to find out it was acid reflux after scope. my best friend is very sick with an a rare cancer and when this first started with my back she said that how i started n it down hill spiraled from there so i have all these thoughts now ive accumulated these wrinkles on my head nose eyes ive stressed so bad. My hair is falling out ive had blood work done my free testrone is high so im on meds for that i have prenatal vitamins to help with hair even tho i don't know how i have had full hysterectomy i have nothing i have zanaflex i just need help. my most recent is spine pain and my head is tingling feels numb but they don't always feel that way can someone please help me. thanks
I came across your message, sorry to hear you are having all of this hit you so hard. I have had it for over 12 years and still have very large issues. Hang in there and join as many groups as you can, everybody has different idea's about how to deal with the Fibro....Best of Luck , Jessica
welcome to the forum. sorry to hear of all your trouble with health problems. Have you seen an neurologist or a rheumatologist? The neurologist is needed for the tingling and numbness issues and the rheumatologist is the kind of doctor that diagnosises fibro. Other doctors just don't get it and sometimes all the medications given can cause serious side effects.
In the mean time read around the forum and you might find tips for dealing with the other symptoms you have. I would say stress is huge in your life right now with having a sick friend and also dealing with strange feelings and pain. Maybe you just need someone who has time to listen to you and help you relax. Hope you feel better soon. :)
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