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Natasha's Girl

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Jul 10, 2013
I am so glad to have found this site! I live in an area where there are no support groups so this is wonderful.

I was just diagnosed in May of this year with Fibromyalgia after many years of frustrating tests and Dr appts. While glad to know I am not totally loosing my mind with this diagnoses I am frustrated as most of you must be with the everyday aches-some days worse than others.

I have noticed that the slightest change in weather can really start a bad flair-up-do any of you find this?

Thanks in advance! Natasha's Girl
Hi Natasha's Girl! Yes, the weather does indeed affect me. I find that the heat beats me up something fierce. I actually feel better when the weather is cooler. A bit odd, I know. Seems most of us are the exact opposite of that. To me, when I am in the sun for any bit of time, I actually feel like I am under a magnifying glass.
Oh and no, you are not losing your mind as some doctors would have us believe. lol!
At first I thought it was just the cooler weather but it seems that the hot weather can cause havoc too.

I also notice that it sometimes feel that I feel like something is crawling on me, nothing is there but it sure feels weird. I am noticing this more and more.
I notice when its rainy and cloudy that I have more pain and am so much more tired! it takes everything I have to get through the day and Humidity also makes mine worse! I know I thought I was losing my mind after many doctors appointments too so I completely understand!
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