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Apr 7, 2013
Hi all, my name is Stephanie and I am from the UK. I have had hypermobility syndrome since birth but was only diagnosed in 2000, when I also found out I had been struggling with Fibromyalgia - described to me at the time as an undiagnosed neurological condition! lol, we have all heard it before, they hadn't a clue. It took until 2008 to get is all written down on paper and pacify my family I was not a hypochondriac short of a few loose screws. I think some of them still view me as a waste of space - which somedays i feel is not far from the truth. I bet there are many of you who will empathise with me on that point.:p
I have a personal website (which I did myself) and I have sections devoted to Fibro, chronic pain and HMS.I also write poems, short stories and have finally published as an e-book my first full length novel - absolutely nothing to do with being ill. If you fancy a good read or wish to know more about me the site is :)

Would love to know how you all cope with the pain, frustration, boredom, and other such feelings because I would like to write a self help book from the point of view of the fibromite, with a positive angle, some humour, good advice and general support for our fellow comrades in our daily battles. Contact me if you are interested in taking part on my website. Hugs to all.:lol:
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