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Jun 24, 2013
British Columbia
My name is Br. John ... I'm a Benedictine Monk and have been recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Having said that, the Specialist believes that I have had it for many years but was undiagnosed because of my physicians unwillingness to refer me to a Rheumatologist. My GP just thought it was Osteoarthritis and that he could mange it. I've moved and my new GP is right on the ball and told me I needed to see a specialist.

So I've been diagnosed about a month now and still learning. We don't have any support groups in our area ... are only in the large urban cities! I'm hoping that's going to change very soon, even if I have to start one myself! I know of many people in the Cowichan Valley of Vancouver Island with Fibromyalgia and I think there is a need for a support group.

Anyway ... I look forward to chatting, making friends and getting to know more.

Thanks for the forum and thanks for accepting me as a member.
Hello Br. John I am recently diagnosed also. I have found this forum very helpful and informative. I used to live in Lake Cowichan when I was growing up and now live in Nanaimo, thankfully there is a support group here that I will be connecting with soon. Unfortunately a lot of Doctors are not trained to deal with Fibro or they just do not believe it is a real condition. I am glad you have found one that you like. People on this forum are very friendly and eager to offer tips and advice so do not hesitate to post. Hope to read more posts from you, have a good pain free day.
Hi Tina ... nice to meet you and thanks for replying to my note.
I have been in touch with the chap in Nanaimo and he said that he will give me a call when they are having their next meeting.
I'm hoping that at some point a number of us might be able to form a group in the Duncan area to cover the Cowichan Valley. The hospital has said they would supply a room for us should the need arise.
I haven't really looked around this site very much and I also joined the Fibromyalgia Canada group on Facebook. I want to learn as much about FM as possible. This is all so new to me.
Take care ... perhaps we will meet at the Nanaimo group one day.
Br. John
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