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Is the site in German?
Yeah, sorry ;-)
Even if it is you can simply ask your browser to translate the page.
Most don't, at least not without an add on, so I think you mean the M$ one... "Ej" ;-)

I just tried a translation of it using the brilliant machine translator deepl (=deepL) - does come across "silly", for a webpage, but maybe it looks better in a browser.

But why not try it yourselves: hcfricke... (that's his name). He's the one that I got most of the fundament of details on the 25-30 types of magnesium from, he has several pages on them as on many supps.
(A few deeper details he wants a bit of money for, but there are certain things about him I don't like, so he's not getting mine, but to me they don't disqualify his knowledge, which is well referenced, a lot from English sites / authors.)
Not open for further replies.