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Aug 31, 2014
Hey Everyone!

I don't mean to come-off overly clinical but for ease of reading and to keep a long (oh, so very long) story short, I will do a quick synopsis of my stats and diagnosis.

Let's see...I'm an overweight (okay fat) white gay (far from fabulous but still sometimes funny) male 45 years old with the following bounty of mental and physical ailments.

- at 14 diagnosed with dextro scoliosis,
- 21 diagnosed as bi-polar with borderline personality disorder and PTSD,
- 24 diagnosed with I.B.S.,
- in July diagnosed with gastroparesis,
- and in August with Fibro.

Now I've had x-rays and labs done and was supposed to wait for my doc to go over the results, but...

The radiologist's repost states that I havd mild to moderate degeneration in my shoulders and lower back. Hmmm, doc should have ordered x-rays of my waist, knees and neck (they hurt the worst) oh and I have a heel spur in my right foot.

The blood work shows elevated glucose levels, but that's cause I had coffee that morning. Other-than-that...nadda, nothing, zilch.

I do know I'll have to have other tests because of my lunulas disappearing, pitting of my fingernails, mouth sores and a really, really slow healing time, which as my family doc stated, shows that I have some type of autoimmune disorder, disease, malfunction. Oh, also gastroparesis is also indicative of an autoimmune whats-it.

So that's it so far.

I must say that being someone who had to deal with physical pain on almost a daily basis growing-up, the pain part of what's going on with me is something I can kinda deal with, kinda.


The fatigue, moodiness and overall lack of desire or motivation SUCKS!

Okay, I'm done. Thank you for listening and boobie prizes will be handed out at the door.

P.S. I hope the spelling is alright, my spellcheck has seemed to have checked out.
Not open for further replies.