hi can someone help fibromyalgia diagnosis

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I am 40 years old...

sometimes i would wake up w/ an almost burning sensation in both forearms and my hands would feel stiff...then as I got up for the day it would go away...now sometimes during the day my forearms just feel sore or like a little burning like i used my muscles too much...if I climb stairs or bike my thigh muscles feel sore too but walking im fine and no other symptoms ...do you think I have ALS? btw its the top and under of the forearms
i just read something on Fibromyalgia this sounds like what i have....
i should mention i have been under exteem stress the past 3 months my husband deployed..and now since im thiniking ALS with my arms i went to lay down and rest and the muscles started twitching a little? now im really scared
Sorry about your fears, but you do not have ALS. Just try to relax and not worry.
joe thank you for your reply but now im having more things..i went to go to bed and my thigh muscles are hurting like i ran a race and my finger twitched and my toe and leg? Do you still think its not ALS? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers...sorry :(
Well that's not nice at all. I am sorry you are having such a hard time.

The good news is: It really does not sound like ALS . The symptoms are wrong.

The bad news is: You need to see your Dr or a neurologist to get the real diagnosis.

It sounds like you are stressing yourself out trying to figure it out. And that will not help you. Please see a doctor.

BTW. Welcome to the board.

I agree with Glen, you really need to see a neurologist and find out what is happening. But the good news is the symptoms are wrong for ALS.
you are all prob the most bravest ppl ive ever encountered..im praying for you all and this disease! thank you for your responses!
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