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Feb 27, 2013
Just wanted to say a quick "hello" to all. I'm a retired nurse and have had fibro since 1980, CFS since 2005, and CMP must be forever. I have been doing research on these topics for the past two years. I have written a 12 month Topical Support Group Curriculum for FMS, CFS, and CMP. We didn't get off the ground before I burned out. But I still have all the research and work that I did. I try to attend two pain groups every week and don't always quite make it. My activity level is low as my energy level is low. I have a broken ankle so I'm moving even more slowly than normal. I'm hoping to learn how to manage my symptoms (why I wrote the curriculum). So far, I seem to be in constant recovery from one thing or another. I'm looking forward to good information and hope to make some good friends.
Hi Donna, welcome to our online support group. Could you share the research with us? If you didn't mind, we could probably have it presented on the website for others, least then your handwork wouldn't have been in vain and others could benefit from your insight. Food for thought :)
Hi Janet, I didn't receive your comment until today in my Email. I've put a lot of thought into what to do with my work. It was designed for a live group, to open with factual information and then have a discussion or sharing time. Too many people I've heard at support groups were guessing at what fibro was, or the cause, etc? My first two topics, (FMS and CMP, as number one), are all ready outdated as they've made new discoveries about gluten,etc. The second topic is CFS/ME. I've noticed they are beginning to discuss the differences on other sites and I did not include ME in the topic by choice. Until the US comes out with research findings that reclassify CFS, I wanted to avoid any confusion. The other topics are: #3 Co-Existing Conditions, #4 Personal Relationships, #5 Your Health Care Team, and #6 Relapses, Flares and Triggers. The next 6 topics were to be presented by a professional working in the field of the topic: Alternative Treatments, Diet and Nutrition, Conservative Care, etc. As vast as this site seems to be, I'm not sure that my material would offer anything new to the public. Let me know if you'd like to discuss it any further. And thank you for your interest! Donna10112
Donna10112, First off welcome to the forum. I agree with Janet, that if you wanted to share some of your material or insights from your research, it would be a big bonus and help to the forum.

So many people come looking for answers to questions and we don't have all the answers. What we can do is supply our knowledge of living and coping with fibro, and hope that something we say will help these folks to handle what ever problems they are having at this moment.

I think one of the biggest problems is sorting out what is fibro, and is every symptom I am having caused by it, or something else. You as a nurse know that one can having more than one illness at a time. One symptom can be something mild, while another maybe something more serious. Just what you have learned through nursing would be a wonderful addition on the forum and maybe some of what we know will help you as well.

Glad you found us and I hope your broken ankle gets better soon. :)
Hi Donna! Welcome to the forum! Your research sounds very interesting! :)
Thanks everyone for your support. Let me think this over and talk to a few people that are involved. If we can come to a clear agreement, we'll see what happens from there. Thanks again,
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