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Apr 10, 2013
I am still trying to keep working but am finding things very hard going.my body is telling me to rest up but my bank account tells me to keep working.:?:?:?:?
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Hi,my name is Deborah and I'm am new to this site.As I feel alone with my pain,it is good to find a page where I can talk to other people who understand how and why I feel this way
Hi Deborah. I understand how you feel. I lost many jobs in aged care due to fibro and the stress of trying to work was only making me feel worse. I am now on dissability and now lead a much better life. I am also new to this site and if you ever want to chat I will be here daily or at least almost daily. I hang out on facebook most of the time if you want to look me up on there.
Hello, and welcome to this forum. I hope you will stop in often and read through the various topic's on this forum to learn more about fibro and how to improve your quality of life. I know that feeling of trying to work but being hardly able to do anything. I had my own housekeeping business and loved my job. But I had to give it up do to the fatigue and pain of fibro. I might ask what kind of work do you do? I know that just the brain fog, as we call it, can make any type of job harder when your too tired to think properly.

Anyways, make yourself at home here and ask questions and all of us will do our best to answer them for you. Join in on the conversations anywhere on the forum. We have laid back easy how's your day topic's and hobbies, and the important hard questions that everyone needs answers too. Look forward to seeing you around the forum. :)
Hello hello.
Type working with Fibro is a bugger, even if you have a fairly easy stress free job like me it's still sometimes tough. Make sure your bosses know your situation and most are quite supportive, or I've just been lucky.
There's good guys around these parts so take advantage of the advice around.
Keep chipper
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