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Nov 20, 2013
Hi Everyone. My name is Tami. I'm 44 years old and I am newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. You are probably curious as to why I say I don't believe the diagnosis. Well, I have been having fatigue, skin pain?, memory/cognitive impairment, swollen lymph node in my neck, rash on my chest, joint pain and balance issues. This has been going on for a few years now and I had been seeing an ENT who thought for sure I had lymphoma. So they did surgery to remove the node but all it showed was hyperplasia, no lymphoma. I went to Boston for a 2nd opinion and the doctor there was also concerned for lymphoma. I have actually been told "it could be developing" by a doctor at Moffitt Cancer Center. She advised I see a rhuematologist in case there was a dual diagnosis going on. So I went to a top rhuemy in my area and he diagnosed me with Fibro, saying I have probably had it for a long time but that he would do all the testing to rule out any other diagnosis. Well all he did was blood work and when I went for follow up last week I only saw the PA who advised that fibro has a lot to do with eating healthy, managing the vitamins in your body and exercise. I have been killing myself walking about a mile a day, taking the stupid vitamins and eating healthier. All that resulted is a 10 lb weight loss and I still feel like poop. :(

I'm sorry for the lengthy post but this is affecting my life in a very negative way. I have an Executive level job and I can't keep my tasks straight, forgetting things all the time and now my job is compromised. My family thinks I am losing my mind half the time and honestly so do I! I would like to go to a neuro in the Tampa area just in case there is something wrong in my brain. I was able to multitask like a champ and now I can't remember a call from the prior day.

Does anyone know a doctor in Tampa/Sarasota area that understands the condition is not a matter of exercise and eating healthy and what it does to our quality of life?

Please help you guys!
Welcome to the forum! I can't offer you any suggestions on a doctor, nor can I really help with any diagnosis questions or suggestions, but I do understand your pain and frustration, as I'm sure most on here do.

I've been dealing with strange ailments for most of my life, living in denial. Recently, everything just got worse, like I hit a brick wall. The first thing I though is - I must have a brain tumor or something because my brain is deteriorating so quickly. I have a high level job too that requires a lot from me mentally, and also feel as if my job is currently in jeopardy.

I've very recently accepted the fact that I have Fibro and these strange mental issues are actually attributed to it. I'm just going to have to deal with my new symptoms the best that I can and try to stay positive.

Good luck in your search for a doctor. I hope you can find someone with some experience with Fibro.
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