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Jun 24, 2017
Hi, new here,
I also deal with some anger that our life is not the same. I am on disability as the stress of working was too painful ended up bringing me postraumatic stress, trauma that I would relive concerning sexual aggressions from others and from my own father. My father's betrayal is the one I cant forgive. I have been diagnosed with fibro at 27 and I am now 54 years old. For a few years I could barely walk, had to take the handicap bus to go to my doctor's appointments. Back then I had a partner that brought a good amount of income. But he never did understand my crying, anger and pain and left. I went on a strict detox herbal program the pain slowly went away. My doctor told me I was in remission. I have had some flare ups throughout the years. 2 months ago it came back in full force.

I need quietness, meditation, some light streching exercises. Cannot for the life of me go walking at times as the pain is to strong.

Sylvie xox
Hi Sylvie

Welcome to the Forum.sorry you had to go through this. I need quiet too. I cannot handle any stimulation, light, sound or just too many things. Flares can come with a vengeance.

Take Care and feel free to vent, ask questions and such.

Wish you all the best
Hello Wineisfine,

Thanks for reading my story saying hi and bring me some comfort.

Hi Sylvie,

Your story is very sad. Many of us have had great adversity in our pasts but it's not surprising that you've had ptsd from yours and I feel for you. Your great comeback with the natural approach worked for you before and thanks for sharing that. It might help someone here.

No doubt you have been reading some stories on the forum and hopefully you will find some comfort here. There has been a lot said about attitude and those who have a positive attitude doing better than those of us who struggle to remain upbeat when we are in horrible pain. My dr says flares will come and go but she doesn't have what I have so it's not really reassuring. On the other hand, this forum is all about helping one another through difficult times and I've found some great tips on coping since I joined earlier this year.

I'm sorry your pain has returned. Be kind to yourself and I hope we can talk things through when you need to. Welcome to the forum.
I agree with peaceand quiet be kind to yourself..i remained upbeat even with fibro for many was too much hurt i wont go into now that was the final straw and changed my fibro pain to severe almost all the time.

So we understand the link between our negative emotions and others it sounds like if we didn't worry it would go away...but its very hard once severe long term to reverse as if you cant walk we can feel so trapped which means anxiety thats hard to control when we want to do things so much.

Surround yourself with people who will now value you and treat you gentle on your body and prioritise yourself. You had a long remission before so maybe its possible for it to happen again. I hope so.

keep walking as and when you can to some degree its the waiting and wanting it so much when we cant thats depressing.

If possible also try gentle walking around the house a few times a day and stretching warm baths or showers so your muscles dont get too weak on the days you cant walk far.

Welcome you will get support and understanding here.
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Hi Silvie,
Sending you prayer!
There's really nothing in the world harder then dealing with those childhood hurts.
They haunt you really forever.
Although Counseling is no fun, really talking about the past may help with pain.
I wish you the best. And your in my thoughts.
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