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Jun 29, 2013
I have been suffering since 96 but didnt get diagnosed since 02 with fibro.. I also have psoriatic arthritis, asthma, epilepsy, TMJ,Alloynia,RLS and on may 17th of this year I was diagnosed with stage 1 uterine cancer...

Currently taking 60mgs of morphine(MS-ELSON) 3 x a day plus oxycodone for extra pain plus over the counter pain meds to try to keep my pain under control.. most days it barely takes the edge off enough to stay sane.. I also take 3000-4000mgs of evening primrose oil to help with my joints from locking up.. the EPO has done more for my arthritis then any of the meds the doctors gave me.. allergic to most anti-inflammitories but one of them but hubby is allergic to it.. go figure

Just trying to get thru each day one step at a time.. one day at time.. looking forward to meeting everyone.. *gentle hugs*
Welcome to the forum. My heart goes out to you in all the suffering you are enduring. I hope by coming here you will feel at home and make many new friends. I noticed you mentioned using Evening Primrose for your joint pain and stiffness. Does it seem to work well for you? I had read somewheres that doctor's said that evening primrose could cause more seizures in people that have that condition. Have you had any problems in using it?

Anyways, there are many different topic's on this forum and some deal with pain and others deal with CFS and fatigue. These seem to be the hardest symptoms to deal with along with IBS. I hope that by reading through the forum's new and old posts that you will gain some new coping skills that might help you. I am sure those who post in the alternative meds section would love to hear about your use of evening primrose.

Please feel free to post anywhere including in the pub & tea time section where a big thread lets you share something about your day. I would love to have you join in there. If you have any questions just post them and others will jump in and answer the best way they know how. Look forward to seeing you around the forum. :)
havent really noticed any more seizures then seizures are triggered usually by pain and over stimulation... even if they were giving me more seizures.. i would trade it for the ability to actually use my fingers.. before I started taking the evening primrose oil.. I would wake up every morning having to force my fingers open... pulling on clothes was impossible.. I couldnt even open something as simple as a bag of chips..I can get back into crochetting and able to do almost anything.. I wont trade the EPO for anything.
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