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Feb 28, 2013
I was diagnosed with FM 2 years ago at age 18 after having extremely severe mono ( so they think). I have tried a few medications and am currently on topiramate ( topamax) and it really does nothing to help. I have been on it about a year and was on gabbapentin previously which was a nightmare. I'm just looking for advice on pain management mostly because it is an every day struggle for me. I hardly get any sleep. Thanks for any help in advance.
owlcity, Hi there,
Sorry to hear your in pain and can not seem to get much sleep. This is what works for me. I take baths in warm water with a cup of ebson salt in the water, just before bedtime and it helps relax my muscles.

If you only have a shower then see if you can find a healing body wash, by Gold Bond, with aloe in it. I find it is very calming and makes my skin feel good, and I feel relaxed after bathing with it.

Next try to find a good fiber or feather pad to put on your bed. They come in all sizes from twin to king, so the pad would cover your whole bed if you want it too. Mine is about 2-3 inches thick. It is soft and warm, and comfortable. They cost from $35-60 dollars, but are available at amazon and J.C.Penny, and Sears.

We who have fibro, suffer from the princess and the pea, syndrome. Meaning a hard mattress won't work for us, we need to lay on something soft and warm, and supportive to aching muscles.

Wear socks to bed and try to keep your lower legs warm, to prevent muscle cramps.

Try really hard not to over-do and also try to avoid to much stress.

Medication wise, some of the others can tell you what they take. I am on gabapentin, and have been on it for over 20 years. I also use excedrin migraine pills for all pain, and use herbal ginger root capsules for pain. I am allergic to the medications normally taken for fibro, so I have more limits on what I can take then what you might be able to use.

Read around the forum, as most here have lots of coping skills and opinions on what works. I really hope you feel better soon. :)
Hi, welcome. Another person that had bad mono, there's a trend here.

I'm glad you found us and I hope you have lots to share and find it helpful here. I know I do :)
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