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Feb 4, 2013
Hi im new here, my names vicky from England x
Hi vicky, you've had Fibromyalgia for quite a long time, you'll have some invaluable insight for the rest of us.
I was told it stems back from a brain virus when i was 18 they only found out it was M.E and Fibro in 2004 so yes a long time. Its taken me untill now to cope i think with it all, you still have bad days but i cope more, the pain is the worse for me as i also have back and hip injuries from an accident at work in 1999. I would love to talk about it to any one if i could it gets abit lonley in the real world people don't get the illness the UK is very backwords still
Hi, I am Anne from PA. I have struggled with symptoms for 10 years before I was diagnosed. I chalked them up to taking statins, having my blood pressure taken and them causing some injury so I could barely lift my arm. My neck and shoulder stiffness and pain was from stress. Restless legs from not enough potassium, well you get the idea. My sister-in-law had a book on Fibromyalgia and she figured out she had it so when I read it, I realized I had it too. My doctor didn't want to talk about it but did check my pressure points, which all hurt. I went to a Fibro clinical study and was diagnosed. I take Cymbalta and Lyrica, which help a lot.
I take morphine that's all i get, the meds are not great, other people seem to get great meds that help, i get frustrated with the lack of Knowledge of doctors here. I went to see a doctor here he said is was Fibro never herd of it before and he washed is hands of me nothing more i can do the pain clinic was worse. I have just stumbled about trying to find out what's best from other people and some research or books
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I am also new to the forum and from Pittsburgh area of PA. I can't type well right now as I fell and may have broke my hand. Just wanted to say Hi.:wink:
Ouch hope your hand is ok, feeling wooze from meds my slef hi any way x
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