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May 13, 2024
Hello! My name is Jannon Suman, I’m a 59 yr old haggard woman, and brand spankin new to this forum, but not new to FM unfortunately 🫣 I was diagnosed in 1999. An EYE DR in 2009 after my eye exam told me I have FM-um-didn’t think there was a way to truly diagnose us? She said she could tell by the blood vessels in my eyes! I’m fully disabled, and TRY and push thru every day. It.doesnt.work.most days, grrr. I get so frustrated that I can see what needs to be done, can picture it already done, but can’t get it done. I’m lucky if I get dressed truthfully. That saying “It is what it is!” is really starting to get on my nerve. Singular nerve😝
I was recently completely Gobsmacked and betrayed by who I thot was a BFF and my roommate, who for months and months was talking to an “Apple Gift Card Scammer” who said if she did exactly what she was told, she’d get $150K, in CASH, delivered to our doorstep! I warned her daily (since Dec last yr) she was being scammed-we even reported the fraud to her bank first wk in January. She never had any money, our rent was been paid late since. She even had a job (69). I found out a few weeks ago she CONTINUED to talk to the scammers, and spent over $3000 in gift cards, we found them in her room, and there was more. She lied to all of her friends including me. I immediately had a complete nervous breakdown, I flipped the heck out! I do not like liars, and I can’t handle stupid. She’s only been my roommate since September, but there’s been a few things that I’ve let slide. Not anymore. I live in Blue Ridge GA, but now have to move back to Jacksonville FL where I’m from, there’s no where to go up here and I refuse to continue living with her. This has caused my FM to blow up like never before! She physically attacked me the last time I went over there to continue packing, so Im having to stay with my daughter, her husband and my G-daughters. I’m not allowed to go back there. I have till Thursday of this week and we’re rolling on down the road. I’m DEVASTATED I have to move away from my family-the thought of leaving them and driving away is absolutely killing me! Why is it our bodies just can’t handle stress? It’s my killer, not sure about you, but it sure is mine. I’ve been on the MS cusp for quite a while now and I believe I’m crossing over. After that fight, the stress of it all, my hands and feet are ‘asleep’, my legs are super noodley ad weak, and I can’t ever tell if I have to use the bathroom or not, my skin is lightly tingling in spots all over me. It’s REALLY scaring me! When I get to Jax FL I have to find new Drs-GP & neurologist . My sense of humor is intact but none of this has been funny, and now I’ve got 4 more symptoms due to the stress. WUUUUUSSSAAAA!
Grab your earlobes and tug a lil😂 Not sure if this is what they meant by introducing myself here, I’ve never been on an FM blog but needed to reach out now! I hope to learn something I don’t already know about FM. It’s not an auto immune disease thankfully but geezoflip guys, hurting, depressed, anxious? Those are my middle names😰😉
Here’s to learning something new!
Hi Jannon, and welcome. Sorry you are going through such a hard time!
It seriously is bad when someone else's stupidity causes something that you end up paying for on several different levels!

Just a few things in response:
I am pretty certain an eye doctor cannot diagnose fibromyalgia by looking at your eyes. However, it sounds as though you have been to other doctors since then and you actually do have fibromyalgia, or something very similar to it. If you have not already been tested for MS, Lyme disease, and all of the other things that cause the same symptoms, you may want to get those tests done in your new location, just to be sure because you might have more than one thing going on.

You are right that stress considerably exacerbates our symptoms. The best thing you can do for yourself right now is anything that will reduce that stress. If venting here on this forum and getting understanding and supportive replies will help with that, then vent away! We are here for you. Just make sure that you are not feeling even more stress in the process of the venting. Let it calm you down instead. If you find that you feel better after writing about your pain and frustration, then do that all you want to here.

One more thing. Most of us have tried the "push through" method of dealing with FM and have found that it backfires. For most of us it only makes things worse. Now, I am not saying don't try or don't do anything or just lie around all day! That doesn't work either. What has worked for me (and we are all different) is to experiment. First, I learned to "talk to my body". I ask my body if it can do this or that today, and if the answer is no then I put it off unless is HAS to be done today. I do things that have to be done in small bits with rest in between if needed. I make sure I eat very healthy good food, the best I can afford. And every day I move my body at least some.....go for a walk, stretch, etc. If my body tells me it has had enough I stop and rest, no matter if the job is done or not.
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