How Are You Being Diagnosed?

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Jan 20, 2013
Central Visayas

How have you been diagnosed of your condition? Just curious. How is fibromyalgia diagnosed?
It is done by ruling out everything else. In my years of searching for a diagnosis I had many CT scans and MRI's. Then I had brain wave tests done and mental testing, and was referred to mental health therapists for treatment of depression. I saw 12 different neurologists, as well as, physicians in the fields of urology and gynecology, allergy testing and cardiology. Finally someone referred me to a mayo clinic rheumatologist and I recieved my first diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. One would hope that was the end of searching for answers and having a doctor to help handle the pain and related problems, but that was not the case. Even the doctor who diagnosised it, said he did not believe in it and told me now go home and just live with it, and I was unable to get appointments with him again. Years later, many doctors later, I was re-diagnosised. Other than medications most of the symptoms will be handled by your family doctor or other physicians in different fields of medicine who for the most part have your best interests at heart.
I have been going to the doctor the last couple of years with the same complaints of those who have fibromyalgia and they told me it was due to my thyroids and being diabetic and but I still think it is fibromyalgia but have never been tested for it.
Well Dorothy, I would say if you think there is more to it besides the conditions you all ready have, go see a Rheumatologist. But I know a few friends who are diabetic, and they say a lot of my symptoms match things that go along with being diabetic. Like the numbness and tingling, and being tired all the time, pins and needles feeling in arms and legs and feet. Bad sores and skin rashes and weakness. But I am no doctor so I don't know whats best for you, but even if you do have fibromyalgia, there is no cure for it and you would just be managing the symptoms like you know doubt do now. So spending more money to prove a diagnosis might not be in your best interest. But being here on the forum might help give you more ideas on managing the most annoying symptoms and give you a breather from worrying about the future. Ask questions around the forum and I am sure everyone here will try to help you in anyway they can.
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