How are you today?

Creatures of habit then @Badger? I've found before it does help when someone points something out to us.
Strangely I have found myself doing odd neck exercise and shoulder rolls as I need to, even when in public. ( shameless aren't I ?😂)

So somehow those wise words from others are seeping in. Hope things continue positive for you.
Thankyou @Badger I've never heard of Henry before (definatly someone to have a look into) disrupted sleep can have an impact on evrything (I actually nearly forgot to pay for my groceries at the self serve counter not long ago after a particularly bad night, the assistant realised and told me, I felt sooo embarrassed) I'm wondering if you've ever read the body keeps the score? , it's surprising how the body (and we) can hide stress/ tension/anxiety and depression, when I wore a night guard after I had a brace by the morning there were deep grooves in it) I'm gonna wish better sleeps for everyone!
I'm wondering if you've ever read the body keeps the score?
I've not read the book but have heard about that type of stress, I'll look up about the book online. Mention of your night guard reminds me of the wear and tear on my mouth guard. I've damaged teeth from grinding at might and had a guard made after the last lockdown.
I know it's crazy!!! (All the teeth grinding going on through the night) secret stress coming out! 🤯
Phew, one of those days when that little head explosion emoji looks like me looking in a mirror!
The day started good, got better then took a steep downward slide... Am sure tomorrow will perk up a bit.

@Auriel and @Badger think we notice the physical symptoms of hidden stress better than the emotional\mental\cognitive symptoms maybe because they are easier to deal with? Or is that just me?

I agree lack of sleep, or at least lack of restorative sleep really does affect the whole of us badly.
I think I may notice the physical symptoms more as they catch my attention while some of the mental side can be harder to realise without some insight. @SBee hopefully tomorrow will be a better for you.
I think it's just part of being a person sometimes, (we stuff thing's down to solider on and get on with thing's) but the body knows (I don't think we address our mental/ emotional health half as much as our physical unless it gets extreme) all our past memories and traumas are all stuck ✨💫✨
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This is for you @SBee
Thanks @Badger and @Auriel

Definitely find the same, mental health can take a back seat whilst the physical seems more obvious. I do address the mental healthcare as best I can, have have some therapy and am on a tiny dose AD to address hormonal mood swings. I find beginning the meditation very much helps with both sides of my health. There is one I found which is to give gratitude to the body. That's going to be one for me!

I think I am just going through a bad patch. I had to stop the anti inflammatory meds as my blood pressure rocketed. So the pain there is getting pretty unbearable. Also my hormones are in their worse phase, ( PMS on steroids ) which now ramps the pain up even further, a lot of women seem to get this. All in all the osteoarthritis, the fibromyalgia and the possible rheumatoid arthritis are all vying to be top dog. 😠

But Im still standing! A week or so and it should calm a bit. But thanks for the good wishes and the MASSIVE exploding head. It looks just like me! 😻 just need a few days to readjust.