How do you know when a flare is over?

Do acknowledge that in very recent months you have been under enormous extra stress both physically and emotionally, probably in practical ways tok.. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Give yourself the credit for even getting out of bed each day. Honestly, when I have been in severe depression, even that is a huge achievement.
I too struggle with having to accept help, or even ask for it? But I am beginning to find it easier, it's just me and my husband, no one else nearby. Am starting to realise that if I don't ask, and push on regardless, it makes me worse,so any chance of recovery or improvement is lessened. Don't get me wrong, I am totally rubbish at this, and will no doubt be on this forum again soon venting, but i am trying to learn to accept help but it's a gradual thing for me.
and that cliche phrase I always come back to for myself, is that it's ok to not be ok. We are living with chronic illness, that's bloody hard. I no longer expect to be little miss sunshine every day. Be kind to yourself. X
Just a quick follow up to my Rheumatoid appointment last week. Lovely new consultant who spent a long time listening to everything I said and followed up with physical exam and some blood tests as she didn’t recognise the night sweats as part of fibro. (I get them in flares. Anyone else?)
Basically nothing more to offer until I feel strong enough to start maybe some warm water exercise or gentle walking. I think the duloxetine is starting to ease the nerve pain & I’m now just using herbal products to help sleep. I ran out of my magnesium supplements last week and I’m wondering if that is why the muscles are more painful and stiff first thing. Maybe not? 🤔
Definately take vitamin b for fybro it’s helped me a lot in the fatigue front.yes I would deffo try herbal and I’ve put in previous threads no two people are the same.night sweats could be menopause.age?but don’t rule it out being fybro it sends all your nervous system into meltdown.i was getting horrendous dreams.if you fell it’s pointing to fybro go back to the docs and tell them.dont be fobbed off,only you know!keep us informed and take care xx
Ugh, that is so frustrating!! I experienced the same thing. My rheumatologist told me fibromyalgia is a neurological condition therefore I was better off seeing a neurologist... then my neurologist wanted to discharge me from his care because he thought I should continue seeing the rheumatologist for this instead. They both usually want me to see a PCP prior to them, when I call about specific symptoms ... but my previous PCPs have all been either consistently unavailable or they just plain leave! Right now there is a big waiting list for PCPs at facilities all around my area, too. I share in your struggle.


'This too shall pass' is a nice mantra but I feel it's not the only one that should be in our arsenal. Something that worked for me recently when I had a massive flare was consciously saying to myself "I forgive myself for needing to rest"... and after four days of misery, I immediately felt the weight begin to slowly lift. My inner self talk is something I'm working on and I'm sure it plays into my flares. It's easier said than done though, of course...
Totally is a major part.i do swim which without a doubt is a great tonic,personally I’m not the kind of person to be passed from pillar to post.i had a thorough talk with the doctor they checked the fybro points,i,e headache bad,all over body pain nausea fatigue,stress off the scale,feeling socially isolated terrible ibs.just a whole host of ailments.they said straight away it’s fybro and luckily for me the dr had experience in fybro and totally understood.i’d been suffering for 10 years before I saw the doc.i know I’ve got fybro for life and it’s a debilitating illness.i plod on but also get horrendous flare ups,dodgy in agony,loss of appetite,feeling sick and anxious,horrid fatigue,ibs.thats just a perspective of my life and i hope you find the right path to some sort of comfort👍
Hi I am just coming out of a flare. I live by myself but my adult children are all near by.
My flare up is quite severe and I’m bed bound whereas normally I don’t sleep more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. In a flare up the fatigue is so bad I cannot keep awake. Walking is very much holding on to things. I have two false knees and they are permanently swollen.
I have had Fibromyalgia over 22 years and we are all different. I keep packs of bottles of water in spare room in case I cannot get downstairs. Food doesn’t matter I don’t fancy anything. So family get me a sandwich or fruit and yogurt!
I know I’m coming out of this one because I’m not sleeping which is normal. Pain is bearable.
We have to do what is right for us.
Totally agree.if you’re in a flare you know you’re gonna get it bad.all variations of course.mine seems to be constant pain and wanting to sleep.dont feel like eating.chronic ibs.sick as a dog.just awful.but it stays.days,weeks who knows.just wake up in the morning and bang here we go.if ever there was a illness so debilitating this is it.its a very hopeless life we’ve got cos nobody has the right answers or meds.doctors nod their heads and say yes i think we’ll try you on this.they’ve had no experience of fybromyalgia whatsoever so basically looking at their book and seeing yeah the med won’t interract.i feel your pain and misery just stay positive and take whatever settles you best xx
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