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Dec 31, 2013
I have always been a sickly child. I was diagnosed with fibro and CFS when I was 17. It seems to run in my family with at least one case confirmed with an Aunt being diagnosed possibly more. For the past 10+ years I have had a doctor phobia and had stayed away and and off of all the drug therapies that they had tried me on at one time or another. I would always have the weirdest side effects and they would just move me on up the family tree trying every related drug in a hit or miss fashion. It was awful. I was a zombie most of the time and have large amounts of time missing from my life. I guess I just sat in my room. I decided that was not for me when at 19 I was sent to. Hospital in Jacksonville, FL where a doctor came in and told me all of my symptoms where due to depression and I just needed to go back to school. She did not first read my file that clearly documented the at least three separate psych evals that had been previously done due to other doctors telling me it was all in my head, if that fact that we had to fight the state of Florida to allow me into there special needs program for children that were "really sick" in order to finish my education. So I lifer crying and would not agree to go back when she later called to put in some test because she had finally gotten around at looking at my blood work that was "far from normal". I decided I had had enough.

So I went to a functional medicine doctor who put me on Metagenics Ultrameal to balance my blood sugars/hormones and I went to an acupuncturist / herbalist who helped me with psi and fatigue and low immune function. But it was expensive and as I got better the less I could justify the expense. After that I tried to maintain with diet and exercise. I became a vegan and did yoga and ran but slowly things came back.

Now I am 36 with two kids married to an E5 in the Navy and I am having a relapse. A pretty bad, fast deterring relapse. And I am scared. I cannot afford to not work. I cannot afford to be sick, but I cannot afford the treatments that once made me whole (ish).

Is there funding for people like us?
So sorry to hear you are going tru this :( I also suffer from a horrible hormonal imbalance... I was told the other day I have the estrogen levels of a menopausic woman. Which is weird... because my estrogen levels were normal last year. *SIGH* It's hard to manage this naturally, but I'm trying.

What's wrong with your glucose? Do you suffer from unsuline resistance as well? If so... maybe a chromium supplement will help you. Is helping me, I got my tests results some weeks ago and guess what? My glucose level (fasting one) is just 96. Well, isn't as low as when I took metformin (on metformin my glucose was around 92 even after lunch!). I'd not advice you to go down that route... that damn medication (metformin) caused a lot of my hair to fall out :( I'm still recovering from that!

As for hormones... I'm still trying to figure that out. Going to see another doctor next week (hopely). I never realized how important hormones were.. until now :( I totally understand you!
It seems to me like doctors are not actually healing us most of the time, what they do is called "treating " us, which means basically that they are making the symptoms less noticable. It doesn't actually make the illness go away, just masks the symptoms, so we continue to require more "treatment".
It is hard to find natural treatments for illnesses that work, and is pretty much a trial and error kind of thing, but at least this kind of treatment is designed to heal/cure the illness and not just mask the symptoms.
If you look online and find some of the natural methods and diets/food modification that others have used to overcome the same illness that you have, some of them , at least, will be treated and cured.
Since the very least that will happen by upgrading your diet, is that you will be healthier, and hopefully feel better; you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by trying this method.
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