How much does Lyrica or similar drugs really help Fibromyalgia pain?

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You could have some real fun with the suggestion box 😉

@fimi that was an awful attitude to be faced with after you approaching the matter so reasonably. Doctors are not there to judge, the least they can do is be civil.
Thank you Badger :) I definitely won't be wasting my time and energy going to see him again.
I wish you well with your docs too - hope things improve!

As well as medical training, it seems some docs need attitude training ... :rolleyes:
Well done fimi! 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 (if dr's going to neglect lovely fimi, he's not going to get her again) 😙💌⭐
Realized I'm on my third month at 300mg and not certain if I'm better off. Hopefully a stricter routine will help to decide between brain fog and pain. Typical luck, forgot to take evening dose and wide awake at 3am. Amitriptyline and herbal tea should help a bit. Easy mistake that can trip us up
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Of course, totally missed this. Thank you
I've only been on pregabalin for a short time, but I do feel like it has helped somewhat, particularly with my nerve pain. I am on 25 mg twice a day.
pregabalin/Lyrica has been offered to me, but i am very hesitant about taking it due to some of the side effects and how I have reacted to other meds - not to mention that it would probably not be wise for me to take it due to the COPD..
duloxetine/Cymbalta did not go well at all.. nor did gabapentin or nortriptyline..

I did have a consult with pain management today about trying LDN.. cant get the scrip filled until the middle of next month (when 1st disability payment hits), but i am going to give it a try and see how things go.

If i could get the pain levels down a bit i would be ecstatic - not looking for complete relief - that would be a bit of a pipe dream, really... but going from a daily 7-8 down to 4-5 would be outstanding.
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If i could get the pain levels down a bit i would be ecstatic - not looking for complete relief - that would be a bit of a pipe dream, really... but going from a daily 7-8 down to 4-5 would be outstanding.
You can do this. But the way to get there is not through medication, but through taking the best care of yourself you can and not relying on medication for anything other than occasional use.

Cookiebaker, I know that you know this. I am making this response mostly for newcomers or people who end up here due to an internet search, and I always want to remind people that medication is not The Way to manage chronic pain.

I would say that my daily pain has gone down as you describe. I got there by tedious and meticulous experimenting with all the various ways that I could improve my overall health, and continuing to explore and modify what I am doing as needed. Drugs didn't ever do it for me and I don't think they truly help anyone on an ongoing daily basis. Taking great care of one's physical and mental health makes the difference that drugs cannot.
(ok, getting off my soap box now)
(ok, getting off my soap box now)
No, no.. please stay!!
I need to be reminded of these things 🤪

in my case, it is not just the fibro pain, tho.. it is arthritic pain and neuropathy as well.. yeah, triple whammy, Whoohoo! Party! 🥳
if it was just one of these things, i could probably handle it without even thinking about it.. two, eh.. a little tougher, but still mostly manageable... but all three all at once? sometimes it is just a bit much. been bumping up against 9-9.5 pretty regularly on our favorite scale..

been doing my darnedest to stay the path since weaning off the sertraline, despite the withdrawal symptoms.. but have also been dealing with all 3 things flaring up in succession and staying flared up... first the Fibro aches & pains with around the knees being the worst, and brain fog..... then Neuropathy kicked in, and not just the simple "pins & needles" oh no.. getting intense "burning" stabs in random places, too... and then Arthritis decides to join the party.. my hands/fingers ache so much right now that it is hard to type.. Neck has been giving me fits in the form of tense muscles, achy shoulders and neuropathic pains down the arms, and ice pick headaches.. those are just the best! 😒
Still coping with the "brain zaps" (w/audio), too...

I can hardly wait for that first disability payment to hit - have been researching local massage therapists - I really need a serious massage.. deep tissue style - yes it hurts, but a good hurt when done right.. and when it is over it feels SO much better... the guy i used to go to some years ago passed away last year.. he was good.. had magic hands.
Yep. LOL. First time I read that word on my diagnosis I thought am I reading this right? Cuz that sounds like a ridiculous word. LOL
it really does, :ROFLMAO:

but yeah, have that from both lumbar spine and cervical due to the arthritis.. so yeah.. it is kind of ridiculous, lol
also have sensory neuropathy in the lower legs.. 😒

ah, the "fun" stuff we deal with...
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