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Jul 17, 2013
I am new to the site (first post) and I am wondering how you were diagnosed. Did you see a general doctor or a specialist? Did they do blood test or just a tender point check? I have an appointment with my general doctor later today and I am hoping he can diagnose me. I've been having symptoms for about 2 years but now I'm 3 months pregnant and things are way worse than ever before. I'm afraid he will tell me it's only pregnancy symptoms or that I'm too young to have fibro. I'm 32 and this is my 3rd pregnancy. Any advise for my appointment today would be great.
Although, a general doctor might think it is fibro, the only doctor who can diagnosis the condition is a rheumatologist. Usually blood testing is done to see if any other condition might be causing your problems. If the bloodwork comes back negative, then if the 18 points tested by poking you cause pain then it is considered you might have fibro.

But getting the diagnosis only solves the mystery of your illness. The hardest part is managing the symptoms. That is what makes this forum so great. All the members here are suffering with the same conditions, so where better to ask questions and get good solid answers. Read through the back posts and pick up tips on managing your worse symptoms without the use of so many drugs. For you in your condition this is the most important part of handling the pain and the fatigue. Good Luck! :)
Thank you for your response. My GP did not do any blood test. He did the test that check for sensitive painful areas and I told him all about my symptoms and then he said "Im afraid you have fibro but you are pregnant so there isn't much we can do right now besides take tylenol". I am going to get a second opinion and or ask him to refer me to a rheumatologist. But yes! I will be joining in on the forum and searching old posts. Very helpful.
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