i am new to forums so let me know..am i doing this right?

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Feb 16, 2013
north carolina
i have never been a part of a forum of any kind, so i hope this is the way to start,,,
i have had fibro for probably about ten years, diagnosed in 2006 i believe, as you know how time changes when fibro comes calling.
i am 51 and i can't believe the difference in my life in the last eight or ten years. i was a dynamo and a perfectionist and now i rarely make plans until i see how i am doing when i wake up and start my days. how about you?
my fibro has really advanced in the past two years, with new or worsening reminders all the time.
i am on savella now and i think it has helped.
there are days that i don't think anything can help...just have to get through them.
is anyone else out there on savella? would love to hear how you feel about it and what you think it is helping or not...
Hello there and welcome to the forum. I am not on your medication, however, ask around the forum and you might find others that are. I know what you are talking about, I too was a perfectionist in my work and my house. And was always well organized and got many things done in one day. Now I have to plan ahead, and if I get rushed by family members who think I am perfectly healthly, and do not help me when I need it, I become totally wore out. Today was one of those days. I live in PA, now after living in FL, for twenty-four years. This is my first year of driving on snow and ice. I am afraid, not of my own driving, but of those other folks out on the road who won't slow down or are so busy talking on cell phones, they don't pay attention to what is going on around them. If I could have the road to myself I would be in heaven. lol Lucky for me today the roads were dry and bare, but I have a longer trip tomarrow and it is snowing tonight. It makes me worried and scared, not a good combination. So what am I trying to tell you, we all have days we grit our teeth and plow ahead and get things done the best we can. We can not always do it alone, and often get frustrated at our weaknesses for we remember when it was easy to go it alone. We plan in advance and hope we can do what is needed when that day comes around, and hope that if we can not do it someone will pitch in and help. I am 59, and have had fibro for 15 years. There will be bad times and good times, and times we think we are healed, but just remember take it easy and don't push yourself to hard, and don't feel guilty when you have to say "No." I look forward to seeing your posts around the forum. Share your coping skills and ask questions, and offer your opinions and make lots of new friends. :)
thanks for all of your kind words...i am sure we all have alot to learn from each other about fibro. it is hard for those without it to fully grasp the impact that it has on one's life. i know that the pre-fibro 'me' wouldn't recognize the current 'me', that is for sure. i take it that i just go around and 'reply' to join the various threads...i guess i will learn as i go, huh? hope your trip is alright. i definitely have learned to plan road trips to minimize the physical impact of sitting for too long and being tensed up, etc. good luck!
I am new to this forum but have been on other forums and support groups throughout the years. I am always seeking information and help wherever I can as this disease is wicked and I fight it with all my might. Information and support from others helps to fight it. I was diagnosed in 1998 and then in 2011 I was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Sjogren's Syndrome! So I have several whammy's! But I take a host of meds and right now, the regimen I am on seems to help and I am able to do a few things, but then it catches up with me and I have to stay in bed for a day. That is where I am today, in bed! Glad I found this forum and hope to learn all i can here. I use Cymbalta along with many meds as well as pain meds
A very good start for being new to a Fibro, Fatigue and Chronic Pain forum! You will probably learn a lot and information really helps in fighting this disease! Glad you found this site and I am new to this one, glad to be a part of it also!
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