I have a few questions.

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I am fairly new and would like your input on a few things. Although I have been on an anti depressant, panic attack med, and med for racing thoughts, I still have a big problem with depression. It happens randomly, without any warning. Is this just something we have to live with?
I also am wondering which is worse, getting the flu shot or getting the flu?
Also I read somewhere on here that surgery is a bad thing for pals. Is this true? What does it do. Speed things up?
since the flu can kill you, and the flu shot pinches for a minute and the site may ache for a day... get the shot. Also the pneumonia shot.

I've read that surgery can sometimes trigger something in your body, so avoid if possible... but if you NEED it, you need it.

with the depression, do you mean crying spells? Not depression, but "emotional liability"... talk to your doc about your meds regardless, you can have them adjusted. It's pretty common I hear.

Hope this helps, I'm sure others will chime in as well.
I took Nuedexta for awhile. But I could not sleep when I was on it. I had rather cry all the time!
My dad takes a low dosage of Paxil and it seems to help him. But, each person's chemistry is different so what works for one might not work for another. Talk your symptoms over with your doctor. I'm sure there is something they can give you. Hang in there. I'm praying for you and everyone on this forum. Kim
I have noticed a strong correlation between fatigue, exhaustion and low moods.
" It happens randomly, without any warning"

That's likely emotional lability that happens with a lot of ALS patients. As others suggested i'd mention it to your doctor and try nuedexta which is a new drug for this issue.
I am still in the diagnosis phase, but have been on Effexor ER for 3 years .. started as a temporary intervention for depression related to family issues, but within 2 months I realized significant relief from chronic pain due to an old industrial accident ... it is a difficult drug to get on and off but the pain relief is better than most pain meds and less pain also = less depression ... going on the drug you probably will experience wild, Technicolor, psychedelic dreams (not nightmares) for a couple of weeks ... going off is the hardest, includes elevated depression, mood swings, and should not be done without supervision, believe me!
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