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Mar 7, 2018
Hello, all. First and foremost, I would like to say I am struggling to type this due to the amount of pain I am in at the moment. I guess I should start at the beginning.

I am a 22 year old female and I was diagnosed when I was 19. However, I had symptoms a couple years prior to that. I had widespread body pains that would make moving around painful and unpleasant. My my head hurt often, my muscles ached, my skin hurt to touch, and some of my joints screamed every time I used them (or throb randomly). Took some painkillers and I was good go for the most part. A year later, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety. I would have days where I would experience the widespread body pains, but they were annoying at worst. I did have some bad days where it was really hard to get out of bed, but taking a shower and pain killers helped make it bearable. Weather change really bothered me sometimes.

However, I have an issue now. Two days ago, I was leaving class around 4 to meet my boyfriend. I got achy like I was experiencing some fibromyalgia symptoms. I didn't think much of it. However, hours later when I got home, I immediately was hit hard with more pain. I could barely move, it hurt to wear clothes, the bottom of my feet hurt when I walked, having my ponytail move at all caused my scalp to hurt, tension headache, joint pain in shoulders, hips, knees, wrists, and fingers. At the same time, my legs were extremely restless and I felt like I needed to move them constantly (which I have RLS but not this bad usually) which sucked cuz it hurt! I had terrible chills that wouldn't reside even though I wasn't actually cold, or I would be cold easily but hot the next. My hands and feet also have always gotten cold easily but this has been worse. The shivers hurt my muscles and skin pretty bad. I took some of my meds that help with it + advil and it helped enough that I could get some work done sitting in my bed. However, I felt confused, I lost my train of thought easily, couldn't remember simple words or how to spell some, I was kind of dizzy, couldn't concentrate, and I was just kind of out of it.

I stayed home from work the next day because I couldn't sleep the night before and was in excruciating pain. I couldn't even sit up without crying. Keep in mind, I didn't have a fever, sore throat, cough, or any stomach distress at all. So it isn't the flu. I do have burning pains in my neck/jaw too. This all has been going on for about 2 days now. I could barely get to school this morning, and when I got there, I wobbled to and from classes because I could barely walk... also was having balance issues.

I don't know if I am just having a really bad fibro flare up or something else. I have been on a lot of antibiotics lately for different things. I also have been super stressed. Saturday night I drank way to much (which is an EXTREMELY rare thing for me).

Are these typical of fibromyalgia? I did some research after I noticed the symptoms and realized all of them are fibro related. But also wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar experience!
hi vyserii,
What I have learned so far by reading about it and being on this forum is that fibromyalgia is so widely varied from person to person that it is likely that whether or not someone else has had the exact same experience you have had is pretty much irrelevant. It is different for everyone. All of us here, have had some or most or all of the symptoms you describe, either all at once or not. What you describe doesn't sound to me at all out of the "norm" (if you can even say there is such a thing) for people with fibro.

Having all that at once is pretty hard to take, I know. I have had days that so many things were going on all at once in my body that I couldn't function and I have even written it all down the next day when I could write, because it all seemed too fantastical. This is probably why many doctors still don't believe it is real. When I read what I wrote, I thought to myself that if I had not written it myself I probably wouldn't even believe it.

All I can say is hang in there. It is my firm belief that one day medical science will come up with answers. Maybe too late for all of us here, but maybe not. You never know. I also believe that when they do they will throw out the term "fibromyalgia" because they will find out that it is a cluster of things rather than one thing. And then they will be able to treat and/or prevent some or all of them.

Only a little over a hundred years ago there were many incurable disabilities which now can be prevented, cured, or treated successfully. The same will happen with this one, some day.
Yes sounds like fibromflare to me. One thing I take everyday is DayQuil - it helps w muscle aches and what I call the cold & hot sweats. Might want to check w your doctor but my doctors haven't had a problem w me taking it everyday.
You are not alone.. I have the same issues.. I notice when I'm under chronic stress the pain is soooo awful I feel like I've had the worst beat down of my life! It hurts my body just to breath... Im going through some bad flare up myself at the moment.. I think its because of my car. Just bought my car last week and it's a stick shift. I feel as though I've been jumped by 30 ppl. Smh..If you feel in your gut you should get checked out. I would go... It is possible that it could be a combination of things that are happening.
Thank you for the reply and the support! I have never actually been able to talk to someone else with fibro, so it's calming to hear that I am not dying or anything haha. But the stress I have been under lately has been absolutely insane between full-time classes, working part-time, having friend/ex issues, and also juggling a new relationship. I have been having terrible manic episodes with my bipolar disorder as well, so I am sure that has something to do with it as well. While the initial pains and symptoms only lasted a couple days, I still have residual pain all over. I also have what seems to be menstrual cramps while not even being close to my period starting. I am not sure what's up. But if things persist into April, I am going to get help for sure. Thanks again!
Home Remedies To Treat Muscle Weakness:

1. Milk With Liquorice And Honey:

A very effective home remedy for treating fatigue and tiredness is to have a glass of warm milk with liquorice and honey. In a glass of milk, just add two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of liquorice. Mix it and have it twice a day, and see your body weakness running away!

2. Indian Gooseberries:

Gooseberries have a number of medicinal characteristics and are also known to be one of the best natural remedies for muscle weakness. You can eat these sour berries or mix them with natural honey to tone down the acidic flavor.

3. Water And Other Fluids:

Keeping your body hydrated is the most important thing. If your body is dehydrated, muscle fatigue and weakness will set in. So, drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day will keep you away from fatigue and tiredness.

4. Eggs:

A rich and well-balanced diet helps a person fight tiredness and fatigue. In today’s modern day world, most of us skip breakfast. This is not a good thing at all. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also, adding some eggs in your breakfast will give you a lot of energy.

5. Milk:

Intake of carbohydrates in your diet is quite helpful for fighting fatigue. Complementing carbohydrates with a good amount of milk and proteins will keep you feeling refreshed and energetic. Also, calcium present in milk is a necessity for your muscles and bones. It keeps them strong and healthy for long.

6. Coffee:

Caffeine, which is present in coffee is a very good ingredient for revitalizing the body. Having two cups of coffee every day helps energize the body. Do not have too much coffee, as it can be counter-productive and might lead to nervousness.

7. Bananas:

Bananas are a very good source of natural sugars like fructose, sucrose and glucose. These sugars give a substantial and quick boost of the energy that your muscles require, especially if you are running around and are too busy to have a proper meal.

8. Almonds:

Almonds have Vitamin E that is very helpful in energizing the body. It also helps the body fight weakness in general. So, it is the ideal choice for muscle weakness.

9. Liquorice:

Liquorice is a herb that fights the general symptoms of muscle weakness. It motivates adrenal hormones, which are produced by the body naturally, giving a person lot of energy.

10. Potatoes:

Soak some potatoes in water for a night. Then have its juice in the morning as it would have a lot of potassium. This will be helpful in transmitting the impulses to the nerves and also in enhancing the movements of the muscles.

Use these home remedies to overcome muscle weakness. You will feel more energetic and revitalized after using these wonderful ingredients that are often present in most kitchens. Are you aware of other home remedies that can treat fatigue?
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