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Feb 4, 2013
Since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia I have had terrible problems with IBS. I have been taking a probiotic treatment and have had really good results with it in regards to IBS.

Has anyone else had success taking probiotics to help with IBS?
Is IBS and Fibromyalgia something that occurs together often? I've had some bowel problems, but nothing near as severe as IBS.
From what I understand IBS is a symptom of fibromyalgia. I mostly have trouble after I have eaten in a restaurant and the only thing I can think of is it may be caused by the MSG that is put into the food, mostly at buffets.

I am always careful now when we eat out and try not to order anything that could of been made beforehand.

I also have trouble after I have eaten chocolate so have to limit my chocolate. When I prepare food at home I always check boxes and packages now to see if anything I am fixing contains MSG.

Taking the probiotic really has helped to the point that I have very little problem now.
I used to have more problems with IBS when I ate a lot of meat. Since I changed my diet to more organic foods and more fruits and vegetables, I don't have that constant battle anymore. I have tried "activa" with not much result. I use protein shakes made from Nature Plus brand, Spiru-ten.
I love the blueberry and cream flavor, which I mix with almound milk or soy milk, with fresh or frozen blueberries. This seems to help regulate my digestive tract. I thought the problem might be a lack of certain vitamins or minerals, in my diet. This brand contains rice and pea, and non-GMO soy. They have lots of favors to pick from like plain vanilla or chocolate, or tangerine dream, etc... When I used it with regular milk I had IBS problems, but with soy or almound or rice milk it mixes easier in my blender. This is my pick, but there are many brands out there for you to try. I have also used unflavored yogurt to prevent yeast problems. I hope this helps you in some way.
It seems like I have symptoms of IBS a lot more lately. I used to only have it when I was stressed a lot but now that I'm not working I'm not sure why I am having problems. I try not to eat anything spicy if I can help it and I have been limiting meat in my diet. I also like yogurt to keep my stomach happy. I drink chamomile tea for the upset stomach and other problems of the digestive tract.
Started taking Align about 45 days ago and my IBS has gotten 100% better. I no longer have any IBS symptoms. Tried the yogurt before that but it didn't work nearly as well.

It took a few weeks to notice changes but I strongly recommend it to people suffering from IBS.
Jeff, I take a similar product and it has really made a difference. I still am careful about eating out in restaurants because there are some...Cracker Barrel, Bob Evans Restaurant that I still have problems eating at. Thinking it must be a seasoning they use to cause it like the MSG.
We have a probiotic product available in South Africa, specially formulated for IBS. It is called Gastrochoice IBS it contains 14 strains of pro-biotics and an anti-candida agent. Probiotics are on top of my monthly shopping list. This really improves my IBS quite a lot. Probiotics do not work by itself, you need to manage your lifestyle accordingly.
After a particularly bad bout after being on antibiotics for a bad tooth I did a lot of reading about gut flora. Very interesting. I tried all those yogurt drink things but they just kept making me feel sick. I found my supermarket had Cottage cheese with probiotics and even though not fond of it I ate a small pot every day for a week and it helped. Now I make smoothie shake things with the cheese yoghurt and fruit juice and try to have a few of those a week. No cure but it does lessen the occurrences.
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